View Poll Results: What do you think about a pogo pin dock?

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  • I'd love to have one, as long as is less than $100

    28 30.11%
  • I'd buy, as long as it is ~$50 or less

    57 61.29%
  • I personally wouldn't use it, but think it's stupid that it hasn't been released

    7 7.53%
  • I don't care for one, and you're overreacting

    1 1.08%
  • My thought doesn't fit any of the above

    2 2.15%
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  1. tanman87's Avatar
    I don't know about you, but I'm getting frustrated with not being able to utilize the pogo pin connectors.

    Coming from the Fascinate and its broken GPS, I'm already frustrated with being unable to fully utilize a phone's features. I'm also dumbfounded that VZW/Samsung expects us to pay $40-50 for the car mount that's out now. That price would be more reasonable if it had a built in charging/audio connector of some kind; but the fact that after you spend $40 and place your phone into the mount, and still have to grab your cable(s) and plug it into the phone itself is ridiculous.

    So I was searching around to see if there was any news regarding a pogo pin dock and I stumbled across this on XDA...

    xda-developers - View Single Post - Official Galaxy Nexus Car Dock with TRUE 3-pin functionality!
    After speaking with three separate representatives, this is what I've learned:

    1. Samsung Accessory Support cannot confirm or deny whether or not the docks for the GSM Galaxy Nexus will work with the VZW Galaxy Nexus.
    2. They have not heard many direct requests for these types of docks from VZW Galaxy Nexus owners.
    3. Samsung often will not produce certain accessories for a phone unless it believes that there is a demand to be met.

    Apparently, we need to be more vocal if we actually want these. Would any of you be willing to contact Samsung and request these accessories, either for yourself or your fellow Nexus owners?

    Send them an email:
    Call their Accessory department: (800) 757-0280
    Really? What is it with Samsung? Do they really like creating incomplete experiences?

    I'm not sure how accurate the above is, but I went ahead and emailed them (Odd that the SCH-i515 isn't in the drop down when you select Wireless-Phone > US Mobile Phones > Verizon. I just selected the SCH-i500 [since i mentioned it in the body of my email] and mentioned the GNex in the subject). I was very honest but far from belligerent, so I'm anxious to see what kind of response, if any, I get.

    So if you'd like to have a dock with pogo pins, please take a few minutes and email/call Samsung and let them know you'd like the dock that they believe no one wants.
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    02-17-2012 06:16 PM
  2. mikemck's Avatar
    The email link above doesn't seem to work.

    I would like a pogo pin dock but have given up waiting and am about to do the Touchstone mod.

    I just discovered that it works if you go to the xda site first and then click it there.
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    02-17-2012 07:52 PM
  3. tanman87's Avatar
    The email link above doesn't seem to work.

    I would like a pogo pin dock but have given up waiting and am about to do the Touchstone mod.

    I just discovered that it works if you go to the xda site first and then click it there.
    Thanks for pointing out that email link.

    You may want to look at whitehat09's thread. He's found where to get some pogo pins and figured out which pins are used for charging.

    He's started making a desktop dock, but I don't see why one couldn't rig some pogo pins to the vzw mount.
    02-17-2012 08:22 PM
  4. davidsnoodles's Avatar
    You would think with all the negative reviews Samsung and Verizon get on their mounts they would release something to please all their customers. Apparently not...
    02-18-2012 03:08 AM
  5. drathos's Avatar
    I sent them a message using the form and got a reply back today. It was completely useless. I picked the SCH-i500 from the dropdown, like you, and mentioned several times that it was really about the i515 Galaxy Nexus (including that it wasn't listed in the dropdown). The reply I got back was about accessories for the "Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot."

    One thing it did say, however, is that "All Samsung products are manufactured to the specifications of the service provider for whom they are produced, including the accessories." So maybe the demand that they were talking about was demand from VZW.
    02-19-2012 10:12 AM
  6. tanman87's Avatar
    So I found this while strolling the interwebs...

    Galaxy Nexus i515 Pogo Desktop Dock

    Sleuth255 found an listing on which showed an expected arrival date for 3/22. Not sure how accurate that is, but I guess that's a step in the right direction. He also points out that the part numbers are different.

    xda-developers - View Single Post - So, I called Samsung Accessory Support about 3-pin accessories for the VZW GNex

    Samsung Multimedia Dock for Galaxy Nexus (I515) in Black at
    02-21-2012 04:50 PM
  7. SSHGuru's Avatar
    The $49.95 one is more believable than the $89 one.
    02-21-2012 11:07 PM
  8. broadwayblues's Avatar
    Aspect of the Daddy: POGO Dock Finally Available for Galaxy Nexus

    The dock is available and on backorder. You gotta click through and see the price.
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    02-25-2012 01:20 AM
  9. tanman87's Avatar
    That's the first time that anyone has written about a post of mine, and I must admit that it feels pretty good.

    Hopefully soon we'll see other retailers selling the dock, and hopefully there will be someone daring enough to sell it at $30.

    Now we just gotta cross our fingers for the car dock and it selling at a reasonable price.
    02-25-2012 02:04 AM
  10. tanman87's Avatar
    Found another site listing the pogo desktop dock. Smartphonepedia has it listed @ $79.99, though they don't have it in stock at the moment.

    Samsung Pogo Desktop Dock for Galaxy Nexus
    02-27-2012 12:44 PM