1. rlhammon's Avatar
    OK.. I've been searching all over trying to find a windshield mount that does what I want, and hoping someone here has seen something like what I want.

    I need to be able to "lock" (as in make non-moveable) the usual ball joint connection on your typical windshield mount.. I don't care if the windshield mount moves up and down, as long as that can lock in place as well. What I want to avoid in the ball joint from moving.

    I use my phone to record video and data during racing events (racing my car around a road course). The windshield mounts work fine, but eventually the ball mounts start to introduce some movement, and my camera ends up filming the dash or sky, and not the track. Obviously I'm not in a situation where adjusting this constantly is feasible, and I understand that this is more of an extreme use case than typical driving on the streets.

    The best I've found is this:

    Looking for "locking" cradle/holder for windshield mount-prod02-t5-1880.jpg

    from iGrip. It appears that I can tighten down the up/down motion at the suction cup, and possibly the tilt/pan where the typical ball joint would be from the dial that I see. I can't tell, as there isn't a picture from the backside and the documentation doesn't mention tightening only "locking device for fixing the adjustment", which I can't tell if that means the feet that capture the phone or the adjustments of the mount.

    Any comments on this iGrip or other solutions would be greatly appreciated!
    10-12-2012 03:52 PM
  2. toofewfish's Avatar
    Take a look at "RAM" holders. I have one of these and when you lock it down it hold it's place. I don't have a suction cup mount as I used another ball mounted to a bracket thru the dash, but it is solid.
    The "X" arms grip the phone solid and doesn't move... good luck

    Here's a link. You can find these cheaper on some of their distributor sites.

    Samsung Galaxy Phone Mount
    10-15-2012 12:09 PM
  3. thehaggis's Avatar
    Arkon MG115 or maybe the oem samsung car mount. I have both coming to test their ability for track days. I don't think the one you show would hold the phone well, especially with the abrupt directional changes occurring on a track. I'm planning on taking the best one and super gluing the ball joint to keep it rigid or something like that. Good hunting
    10-15-2012 10:46 PM

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