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    To solve the volume issue on the GN, I had been using Equalizer. It definitely makes it better but you have to remember to turn it on each time and from time to time it shuts off on its own.

    I tried to do some digging on DSP Manager and saw that it can be used to compensate for the poor volume on the GN. I uninstalled Equalizer and changed my default setting for volume to DSP Manger but through my headphones and Bluetooth I can't hear any difference whatsoever, is this working for anyone?

    What am I doing wrong?

    01-10-2012 09:32 AM
  2. zmonster1's Avatar
    Small update. I've been trying to use DSP Manager with Pandora and PowerAmp, it wouldn't work with these programs. I tried it again with Google Music and it did work with this program, unfortunately Pandora, Sirius and PowerAmp are the three I'm looking for.

    Anyone get it to work outside of Google Music?
    01-10-2012 10:11 AM
  3. xweb10's Avatar
    Volume + works for me.
    01-10-2012 11:30 AM
  4. jpprice's Avatar
    I tried to use it to help with the low notification volume and I could not get it to work to my liking. I was using Volume+ which seemed to work alot better and I went back to that.
    01-10-2012 12:31 PM
  5. zmonster1's Avatar
    I didn't like the way Volume + made my radio sound over the bluetooth. Sounded scratchy
    01-10-2012 12:37 PM
  6. mclarryjr's Avatar
    DSP manager didn't work on Pandora for me either. Wondering if its a ICS issue?

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    01-10-2012 07:15 PM