1. superbleester's Avatar
    What Rom and Kernel are the fastest and smoothest out there. I would also love good battery life, please share yours!
    01-10-2012 09:11 PM
  2. Beyond Fire's Avatar
    im running axiom 2.4 right now with francos kernel and everything is running like clockwork. But im probably gonna be jumping ship to codename since axiom is dead which is a shame cuz so far its been my favorite rom. Battery life so far is great with 2.4 and franco. I can go through a whole day with medium to heavy use and still wake up the next day with about 12%(sometimes im too lazy to charge overnight) lol
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    01-10-2012 09:32 PM
  3. superbleester's Avatar
    I am downloading Codename android it looks fu***** amazing! So Franco's kernel is good? Alright guess I will try them. Thanks!
    01-10-2012 09:37 PM

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