1. Transtang z28's Avatar
    I am a newly rooted GNex user and was wondering if anyone has tried out a rom called BlackICE yet. I searched the forums but didn't see anything. The link is here.BlackICE toro kangorade 33.33 (4-20) - [VZW] Galaxy Nexus Development - RootzWiki
    So far i am in love with this ROM but wanted to see what anyone else thought. My favorite part is the ability to shrink the navigation buttons.
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    04-23-2012 07:19 PM
  2. davey11's Avatar
    Not many people running this around here. It's just a themed aokp rom. Nav bar size option is in aokp.

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    04-23-2012 08:08 PM
  3. zero neck's Avatar
    I ran a blackice build but it musta been a month ago. It was just blackthemed and themed gapps aokp at the time. not sure if its much different now or in what way.

    glad you like it tho and thanks for sharing. I might have to check it out again if its up to date (aokp b33).
    04-23-2012 08:37 PM