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    This is my first post, so apologies if I'm in the wrong forum or am asking obnoxious n00b questions. I tried to follow a guide or app from start to finish, but since they often link to one another halfway through and I need to jump from guide to guide, I'm sure I got lost somewhere in there.

    I had a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon that wasn't rooted or unlocked. I downloaded the Nexus Root Toolkit v1.5.3. I installed the full drivers under option 1, which seemed to install something called pdanet. I did some backups from inside that program, one with system apps & data, and one without. Then I unlocked the phone. Then I tried to root it and got stuck for a while, but after re-installing pdanet and so forth I was able to root the phone.

    I started it up and, as instructed by the root toolkit, I hit a couple settings on superuser and fastbox or whatever that's called - I forget. Then I installed ROM manager and at the top hit flash clockwordmod recovery. Then I tried to install Cyanogenmod from within ROM manager. Everything was coming up roses until I got locked into the boot screen where a cyan man is surrounded by cyan waves indefinitely.

    I tried to follow the instructions here : Troubleshooting - CyanogenMod Wiki but I can't get my phone into any other screen but 1) the Cyanogenmod bootloop screen, or 2) the one that has 'start' in a hollow green arrow up top, with a droid in the middle and text on the bottom. Once I get into Clockwork recovery mode, I can't mount the phone as USB or see it AT ALL in windows explorer, which seems to be the key to getting it working again.

    Thanks. I know I'm a rookie at this type of thing, but lifehacker and many other sites have encouraged me to think of unlocking/rooting/flashing Cyanogenmod as a fairly accessible process. But I can't seem to find a comprehensive guide; I end up having to jump from so-called comprehensive guides to other so-called comprehensive guides, program to program, and I get lost in the meantime.
    09-28-2012 11:07 PM
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    ~Moving you to the GNex Root & Hack forum where someone will help you out.

    Try not to use ROM Manager when flashing ROMs... its better to download straight from the developer. Also, did you make a backup (nandroid) of the stock ROM before flashing CyanogenMod?
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    09-29-2012 01:33 AM
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    1. Our Guides >>> Their guides Read the Hitchiker's Guide to the Gnex: http://forums.androidcentral.com/ver...axy-nexus.html
    Just a good place to start off and will explain a LOT of things to you.
    2. Exactly as CW said, you'll do good to try to not use ROM Manager to handle your flashing needs. Since you have CWM Recovery installed now, you'll want to do all your flashing through recovery, not through an app like ROM Manager.
    3. For the boot issue you're seeing, it's hard to know exactly what went wrong, as I'm not even sure exactly what version of CM you flashed. If you did not fully wipe before flashing that would be your issue. Could have also just got a bad download, or perhaps just not given it enough time to boot. The first boot up after a full wipe and flash can take a few minutes.

    The screen you see with the "start" on top is the bootloader screen, and as long as you can get there and then to recovery you are fine. If you made a backup I would try restoring that through recovery. If not, you might just have to do a factory image restore to get yourself back up and running. You can read through the sticky to see how to accomplish that (http://forums.androidcentral.com/ver...axy-nexus.html) or you can use the toolkit you used to unlock and root, it should have an option to do a factory image restore for you. Let us know how it goes and if you have any more issues..
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    09-29-2012 11:59 AM

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