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    Lately I've been getting alot of random reboots and call quality issues. Would it be worth my time to unlock, root and flash a new ROM? If so any suggestions?

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    11-10-2012 09:44 PM
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    11-11-2012 02:23 AM
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    What rom are you on? Have you upgraded to jb from vzw?

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    11-11-2012 02:40 AM
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    Should you? That's a question only you can answer.
    But for me, when I had lots of call issues and reboots, I started flashing. Some ROMs worked well, like BB, aokp, and some cm10s. Others made things worse, some cm10 ROMs, jelly belly. No matter what ROM I've used though I still have calls drop occasionally, but for the most part my nexus has been a lot better without the stock ROM.
    Right now aokp has been working great, no reboots, calls are good. The only issue I have occasionally is I get system ui has crashed and have to force close it.

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    11-15-2012 11:44 AM
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    You could try it, but if you're not rooted now, running everything stock, I wouldn't expect that to fix it. I would guess the most likely cause to be some app that you have installed on your phone. Could be a new app, could be an old one that got an update that your phone doesn't like. The great thing about Android is that there are tons of apps that anyone can create. The terrible thing about Android is that there are tons of apps that anyone can create. There are plenty of people out there that are horrible code writers and there are also people that are intentionally malicious.

    I'd start with pulling out the battery, remove the SIM card, then replace it all and see how it runs. If that doesn't help, go through your device and get rid of all the apps you don't use (you can always get them back). If that doesn't help, I'd do a factory reset (after copying your sd card contents to you pc for a backup).
    11-15-2012 08:25 PM

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