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    Hello all,

    Well I use to be able to plug in my USB cable at home and connect to my phone, well today it doesnt ( have tried in a while from home) it works well at the office pc. I tried several methods, even following WUGs to check drivers, etc. Nothing. Is there a guide to set up drivers to work properly? GNx with JB M1 and have a XP based pc.


    11-13-2012 01:22 PM
  2. Xanth269's Avatar
    OK, so yesterday I took a mental health day, today I plugged my GNx into the office pc and same issue unable to get usb debugging, when I plug into the usb cable I get found new hardware INTF2, so what gives??? Last thing did was upgrade to JB M1 the gapps 20122111-signed.
    Please help, i really miss not getting into the phone to transfer pictures, and obviously moving new roms or gapps the the phone.

    also Wugs will not this phone under devices.

    OK- Issue seems to be that I had quick USB charging clicked, found another post that mention Franco and this option and to turn off.

    access to my phone again : )

    11-14-2012 05:56 AM

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