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    Hello I am hoping someone can help me out with this problem I'm having with my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I am running CyanogenMod 10.2.1-toro. I have posted a similar message at the CM forums but have gotten no replies.

    I have found that the screen lock, as well as all email notifications, have suddenly stopped working. I do not know if the two are related, or if there is anything else not working that previously had been, but these two seem to have happened at or around the same time.

    Symptoms: Screen Lock

    I set the screen lock, for example, to pattern, entering the pattern twice to confirm. I have it set to automatically lock immediately after sleep, and I have "Power button instantly locks" enabled.

    When I turn off the device, and turn it back on again, I am immediately returned to the last screen I was on, just like when it is not locked. But it is indeed locked: When I try to change or remove the lock settings, I am first asked to enter the pattern, as expected, indicating that the pin is in fact enabled.

    The same thing happens for other screen lock methods, such as PIN and PW.

    Symptoms: email notifications

    I am using the email app located in com.android.email, called just Email, version 4.1, which AFAIK is what comes with CyanogenMod.

    I have set it up with 3 gmail accounts. All of the accounts are able to send and collect mail. For all three accounts, on the settings screen, I have "Inbox check frequency" set to every 5 minutes. Under notifications, I have enabled both "Notify in system bar when email arrives" and "Use notification LED." These are the same settings I've been using for some time and I have not changed them. But I am only able to collect mail manually -- auto-collection is not working, although collection does seem to be initiated when I switch into that account from another one. I am able to send normally. Mail is getting collected, but there are no notifications.

    For email, I have done things like clear cache, clear data, force stop, disabling, etc (where these are options) but nothing has brought back these two features, which disappeared at or around the same time. Rebooting of course does nothing.

    I am getting call and SMS notifications without problems, as I always have.

    The actual Gmail app seems to be working as expected, auto-collecting and notifying, but I prefer the other email app.

    I ran an AVG virus scan, but all it found was that I was rooted, which it of course recommended against.

    The only apps that I installed around the time this started were Google Drive, which I have uninstalled, and ES Task Manager (Task Killer) that integrates with ES File Manager. I have also uninstalled that.

    Is there some reason why one or both of these would suddenly just stop working, and no longer be controlled by their settings?

    I see no evidence of anything else not working, or otherwise being amiss.

    Does anything I am describing here ring a bell?

    Additional info: I bought the SGN used several months ago as a temporary phone after my other phone was stolen. It came already rooted with CM 10.2.1 already installed. That is the extent of my experience with CM, but it has not presented any problems prior to this.

    I have backed up /offloaded most personal things and am considering resetting the phone, but I don't what the implications of a full reset are for a rooted phone (e.g., will it take me back to the manufacturer's original state, or only to an newly rooted CM installation.

    All help will be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    09-23-2014 04:49 PM
  2. Lady Grinning Soul's Avatar
    Anyone? Please?
    09-24-2014 05:45 PM

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