1. koolbon's Avatar
    08-22-2011 06:52 PM
  2. ibejack96's Avatar
    Hmmm... i don't think that a nexus prime (even a could-have-been) would have LG's UI. This could be that LG added their UI when their phone was rejected for the Nexus spot, though.
    08-22-2011 07:25 PM
  3. koolbon's Avatar
    Actually, I thought they might have submitted this one for nexus device, then put their skin on after they got rejected... Apparently this phone is coming out one way the other.
    08-22-2011 07:39 PM
  4. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    That's a "Concept Phone," which is code for "Made up **** we think looks cool." They could have made the logos a little more out of proportion, I suppose.
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    08-22-2011 07:39 PM
  5. ibejack96's Avatar
    lol those logos are tiny
    08-22-2011 07:48 PM
  6. koolbon's Avatar
    thanks for the clarification!!
    08-22-2011 07:53 PM