10-10-2011 09:33 PM
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  1. Hearthatvoiceagain's Avatar
    Here's all I have to say about this right now. https://plus.google.com/115963387846...ts/6cMHzq4urjV
    Dammit Phil, we demand the right to run around like headless chickens without you coming in here and being all logical and stuff.
    10-07-2011 10:45 AM
  2. soccerfon711's Avatar
    The unpacked app was pulled from the market and videos on youtube were taken down. I think that's pretty telling.
    10-07-2011 10:48 AM
  3. flashpiti's Avatar
    The phrasing "now is not the right time" in the statement from Google/Samsung usually refers to something happening (Jobs' death) that would negatively impact on the announcement. With all the press focusing on Jobs/Apple, announcing what Samsung hopes to be a true iPhone competitor and wanting to tout it as superior to the ip4S, it wouldn't make sense for them to announce the device at a conference where there will probably be other phone related announcements, and they will all be buried by the press by Apple/Jobs and IOS5 launch along with the 4S. My guess is the announcement will come the week of the 17th or 24th and then they'll be able to announce the device will ship the next week, just like Apple.
    10-07-2011 10:52 AM
  4. th0r615's Avatar
    Looks like the 27th now.

    10-07-2011 10:56 AM
  5. bojack72's Avatar
    Not sure how to take this rumor, but i would think if this was true we would see the news on googles stock and nothing has been released.
    10-07-2011 10:57 AM
  6. Hearthatvoiceagain's Avatar
    "UPDATE: On the 27th of October in London Google and Samsung will launch Galaxy Nexus!!"


    I want this confirmed NOW.

    Along with how I get in.
    10-07-2011 10:58 AM
  7. ManBearPig618's Avatar
    The 27th in London?!? This has gone from bad to worse.
    10-07-2011 10:58 AM
  8. flashpiti's Avatar
    London, strange, especially if this is supposed to be on Verizon first.
    10-07-2011 11:00 AM
  9. Mooem's Avatar
    London, strange, especially if this is supposed to be on Verizon first.
    How true.
    10-07-2011 11:03 AM
  10. yankdez's Avatar
    is that twitter account even credible? some of the tweets are ridiculous. like asking other people to confirm rumors.....
    10-07-2011 11:05 AM
  11. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    Just got official word from Kim Titus, head of Samsung PR.
    "Samsung and Google have decided to postpone the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event during the CTIA in San Diego, previously scheduled for Oct. 11. Under the current circumstances, both parties have agreed that this is not the appropriate time for the announcement of a new product. We would ask for the understanding of our clients and media for any inconvenience caused. We will announce a new date and venue in due course."
    10-07-2011 11:05 AM
  12. harold42483's Avatar
    10-07-2011 11:06 AM
  13. ManBearPig618's Avatar
    Sounds Steve Jobs related...maybe they want to take some shots at Apple in the presentation?

    Edit: P.S. - I call BS on that 27th/London rumor after seeing this announcement from Samsung.
    10-07-2011 11:09 AM
  14. calledthestig's Avatar
    Hearing lots of reports of due to Steve Jobs' funeral being held on Tuesday.
    10-07-2011 11:15 AM
  15. harold42483's Avatar
    Does this mean CTIA itself is canceled or just the presentation from Google and Samsung. Who else will be there.
    10-07-2011 11:19 AM
  16. Hearthatvoiceagain's Avatar
    Hearing lots of reports of due to Steve Jobs' funeral being held on Tuesday.
    Care to post a credible link.
    10-07-2011 11:19 AM
  17. Ferris.'s Avatar
    After all the delays and waiting and comparing and refreshing... what I'm least looking forward to is letting my wife know that the announcement has been delayed. My Storm 1 sometimes doesn't ring when people call, and I promised her that this was my next phone and that I would have it ASAP. The eye-roll of the century is coming up when she hears that the new date isn't even set.
    10-07-2011 11:19 AM
  18. calledthestig's Avatar
    Care to post a credible link.
    If I had something I would post it -- just saw a few people post it on Facebook. Granted I know nothing on Facebook is real, just seeing it a few times over made it stick into my head.

    Would be real classy if it were true though.

    Also makes me wish I had real "sources" though.
    10-07-2011 11:21 AM
  19. blakepilot#AC's Avatar
    I don't buy that it's Steve Jobs related. This is business, folks, and business like this doesn't get put on hold for anyone. If I were a betting man, I would bet that it's ironing out a few kinks before they debut it. My best hope is they've got to manufacture some AT&T-branded phones.
    10-07-2011 11:23 AM
  20. th0r615's Avatar
    If Jobs' funeral and/or memorial is around the same time I could see Googs backing off since many tech exces will be there (including their own) and it just wouldn't feel right to make a product announcement at that time.
    10-07-2011 11:28 AM
  21. calledthestig's Avatar
    Postponed til the 27th? Google and Samsung Choose October 27 for New Ice Cream Sandwich Event, in London? - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

    Made a new thread for new date and non-US discussion as well.

    If a US carrier doesn't get the first ICS phone I will be really annoyed.
    10-07-2011 11:30 AM
  22. jharo's Avatar
    Watch for some sort of recognition of Steve Jobs to be in the Prime presser.
    10-07-2011 11:33 AM
  23. rrhartjr's Avatar
    droid life and thenextweb are just parroting the SamFirmware tweet.. which is not from an official Samsung source..
    10-07-2011 11:33 AM
  24. Hearthatvoiceagain's Avatar
    If this thing IS being announced in London I wan't to know where I can get tickets
    10-07-2011 11:36 AM
  25. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    Again. Read this. People don't know what the hell they're talking about. Everybody be patient.

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    10-07-2011 11:47 AM
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