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    I'm sick of all the spec wars going on in the smartphone world, esp in Android devices where the goal seems to be to announce better specs every few months. These are still phones !! Not a tablet, not a pc. If there's anything to be learnt from Apple and the iPhone, its that specs don't sell phones.

    So this is all that most users care about -

    - a decent screen (4"+ is the consensus) with bright colors (AMOLED)
    - great battery life
    - great radios (phone, gps, wifi)
    - reliable, solid, smooth experience (this is where a pure Google OS is needed)

    Our phones are plenty fast enough to run any app, the only demanding apps are games.

    Android is nowhere as smooth as WP7 or iOS, and hopefull ICS will bring full hw accel to all parts. But I have used a Honeycomb tablet and it still doesn't feel as smooth as Mango. Custom roms help but this belongs in the OS.

    Users don't care if its dual core/quad core/Qualcomm/Exonys. I don't care how many MP the camera is if the sensor is good. I don't care if its 1GB/2GB as long as I never see out of memory errors and the phone is fast.

    Its quite telling that Apple had to resort to talking about specs when they announced the 4S, since nothing else had changed. And almost every Android carrier has nothing to talk about but specs, since that's the only way they differentiate their phones.
    10-10-2011 06:49 PM
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    When everyone runs the same OS the only thing they separates you is specs and custom skins. That is why specs have become so important because how else are you going to bring yourself up from the competition? Sure some OS may have a slightly better smoothness to them because ios and windows phone run on the exact same hardware and makes it easy to program for.Android doesn't have that luxury but who cares? They about to have 2/5 of the market. Because hardware is getting to be so fast it has made the handsets fly in terms of speed. Pick up a Galaxy S II if you don't believe me.

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    10-10-2011 07:36 PM
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    Utility (GPS, Internet, etc)
    Communication (obviously)
    Nice UI
    Good size (not too large, not too small)
    did I mention the battery?
    10-11-2011 01:17 PM