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    I'm looking to get rid of my Palm Pre+. I really liked WebOS and was sad to see it scrapped. Right now Im trying to decide whether to follow the sheep (I4s) or jump into android. I have an Ipad through work but honestly its steering me away from Apple more than anything. Although I rooted my Pre with some help from PreCentral I don't consider myself a "techy". I'm just an average guy looking for a great phone that I won't be frustrated or bored with. Is the Prime for me?
    10-11-2011 05:01 PM
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    The Nexus Prime would be the perfect Android device to jump into. Its Android as it was meant to be on hardware chosen by Google. Its also very hack friendly for modifications and whatnot. All this being said, it doesnt surprise me to see anyone considering the Iphone 4s along with this device. Google and Samsung need to announce this thing to give people a clear idea haha.
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    10-11-2011 05:05 PM
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    Widgets. At least that's the main reason I use Android over iOS.
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    10-11-2011 05:33 PM
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    Android has by far the most features of any mobile OS. Google Maps is killer on Android and far better than the desktop version (the turn-by-turn navigation feature is amazing). The browser is fantastic and the customization makes your phone feel fresh for a long time to come. With access to the file system and the ability to download files from the web (unlike iOS) It's really more of a mini-desktop operating system than a mobile OS.

    The main knock on Android has be ease of use and UI. Ice Cream Sandwich is the update that is finally supposed to bring a more refined user experience to Android. Plus hardware acceleration should give you the same buttery smooth transitions that you may have seen in WP7 or iOS. You'd be jumping on the Android bandwagon right when the OS is entering full maturity.

    Aside from that, you're not likely to get the kind of hardware the Prime will be sporting on any other phone anytime soon. Once you've used a 4.3+ inch high-res display, it's impossible to go back.
    10-11-2011 05:41 PM
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    If HP opens up WebOS instead of shunting it to /dev/null it'll likely run on Android hardware first. Not that you'll actually care by the time it happens...

    Given the opportunity for ROMs and themes on Android, especially on Nexus phones, I think you'll be happy with your choice.
    10-11-2011 06:47 PM
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    Past Pre 2 user here. I have been with webOS since 2009 until now. However, during the webOS life that I had, I also owned an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Epic 4G (I used the Pre 2 for work purposes).

    While I thought webOS was the best operating system, I will say that Android is BY FAR the most powerful. Things that you have to root webOS to do you can do on stock Android. In fact, the only reason you should really root an Android device is to do things like get a free mobile hotspot or overclock the processor. Every other customization that I have wanted to do on Android is possible just from it being stock.

    iOS 5 have caught up to Android in many ways, especially with its amazing voice command structure. However, from the Videos I have seen on Ice Cream Sandwhich, Android is looking to be the best overall operating system. If the video of ICS that is floating around the web is real, I think I have my dream phone.

    I purchased the Motorola Droid Bionic a few weeks back. I returned it because of this Nexus Prime device. I am really looking forward to it. I think you will be better off in the Android world. It just really makes you feel like your phone is actually YOURS. iOS looks the same on every iPhone you will ever see. But on Android, I can literally change the way my entire device works within seconds. It amazes me.
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    10-11-2011 06:51 PM
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    Main reason I would switch to Android and the Prime over iOS is for Google's tight service integration, choice and widgets. To be specific on the Nexus Prime is it offers a much more revamp experience and you'll see some aspects of WebOS transition over to Android thanks to Martias Durate. It's all very clean, speedy, intuitive and should all look great on a one of a kind Super AMOLED HD display.
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    10-11-2011 07:02 PM
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    Im a lot like you, not a huge techie, but know my way around. I love the idea of a Nexus : Google's idea of a perfect phone running the OS, with guaranteed updates to ALL of the latest stock software.

    When JellyBean comes out, It'll be like having a new phone...!

    Throw in the rumored specs and this phone is really hard to pass up for me.

    Hope I helped
    10-11-2011 08:27 PM