10-23-2011 09:48 PM
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  1. CynicX's Avatar

    I was wrong. Pure Android does come with Google bloat like they did with Honeycomb. A couple games like Cordy and Dungeon Defender and things like Books are shipped with the device and cannot be removed without rooting. There isn't much and the things are small and somewhat useful but its still there..
    10-23-2011 08:01 PM
  2. Stang68's Avatar
    I just hope they dont bloat the face of the device with an ugly "Verizon Wireless" logo
    Good thing is, there isn't much room for them to put their logo on the face of the device. The bottom bezel is for the notification LED and the top bezel has too much going on there, ie: earphone, camera, sensors.
    10-23-2011 09:28 PM
  3. ManBearPig618's Avatar
    "Google" bloat is fine by me if it means I get a Nexus on VZW. So psyched for this device!!!!
    10-23-2011 09:48 PM
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