12-13-2011 08:28 PM
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  1. dbermanmd's Avatar
    I was so set on getting the GN until I saw the video on the HTC Rezound and i realize that both are yet to be released. Any concepts at whether or not one will be that far superior than the other?

    The only downside I can make out at this time is that the Rezound will not have ICS initially.

    Thanks in advance as always.

    11-04-2011 01:39 PM
  2. anon(512898)'s Avatar
    well the main difference is the rezound has sense, whether that is a plus or a minus is up to you.
    11-04-2011 01:40 PM
  3. PJnc284's Avatar
    No ICS at launch and HTC's continued streak of putting the smallest battery possible in a device.
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    11-04-2011 01:42 PM
  4. lembowski's Avatar
    well the main difference is the rezound has sense, whether that is a plus or a minus is up to you.
    Exactly, and even when this put ICS on this ICS Ready Device (lol) it will still have a Sense overlay.

    So if you are happy with Sense then get the Rezound. I myself and way over manufacturer skins and will get the GN because of that. Updates make me giddy.
    11-04-2011 01:43 PM
  5. Crispy's Avatar
    The Rezound is a fail. It is almost 2x as thick and has a tiny battery.
    11-04-2011 01:47 PM
  6. dimachka's Avatar
    These are not really comparable phones. You need to figure out if you want a pure android experience (Nexus) or a skinned and bloated standard android device (rezound).
    11-04-2011 01:50 PM
  7. racedog's Avatar
    I carried a tbolt for six months. I swore that it wasn't too big or too heavy. I finally gave it up because of all the problems and got a Charge to hold me over until something better. The Charge isn't much better but I realize now how much I was kidding myself. I would never go back to a phone as big (thick) or as heavy as the TB.

    When I saw the Rezound, the size of it made it a non-entry in terms of something I would buy. Still waiting for the GN to see how that works in the real world.
    11-04-2011 01:51 PM
  8. richardpandy's Avatar
    HTC continuing efforts to put the smallest battery into the phones and lack of beta testing will most likely steer me clear of any HTC phone for a long time. I haven't been the biggest fan of Samsung but since this is something backed by google, I am willing to give it a try.
    11-04-2011 02:07 PM
  9. truenoob's Avatar
    The thickness of the Rezound killed that option for me. You get a bigger battery (i think) with the prime and it's much thinner.
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    11-04-2011 02:09 PM
  10. VideoEngineerAJS's Avatar
    I love my Thunderbolt and I'm sure my mom will love it as well when I give it to her, but Sense is getting a little stale to me. I've tried to make things a little better with Circle Launcher and Widget Locker Pro, but it's just not enough.

    I don't use the camera that much so the 5MP is fine with me as my wife's Revolution is only 5MP and it takes some pretty good pics.

    The thickness is a big drawback to me as well. I got used to the weight and thickness of the Thunderbolt, but I think I'm ready for something thinner and lighter.
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    11-04-2011 02:16 PM
  11. ShinyTop's Avatar
    I have had an Incredible for about 16 months. Battery life is terrible and never addressed by HTC, Gingerbread update was long in coming, then buggy, and still not right. They never fixed problem with repeated out of space for apps messages. Will not consider HTC again.
    11-04-2011 02:26 PM
  12. ManBearPig618's Avatar
    Most reviews have stressed that its almost awkward how much HTC disregarded the "thin factor" with this device. It's supposed to be a biggun'. That said, Beats audio integration is cool.

    Between battery life, ICS, screen size, etc., there's no question I'm getting the Nexus over the Rezound.
    11-04-2011 02:27 PM
  13. Scout_313's Avatar
    I'm not a fan of HTC's Sense UI so it's automatically ruled out for me, plus as others have mentioned HTC phones aren't known for their great battery life. My experience was the same when I had the Droid Incredible.
    11-04-2011 02:35 PM
  14. Eric Kane's Avatar
    Was this a serious question or just one of those threads where the title is so hilarious that we respond anyways?
    11-04-2011 02:56 PM
  15. dbermanmd's Avatar
    It was a serious question and I appreciate the input from everybody.

    I dont have any experience with any droids and am still driving my BB Storm 1 for the past 35 months.

    What was said makes sense,,, battery size, the user interface,,, having to upgrade the OS to ICS - all have sobered me up from the initial excitement of the Rezound and am now more focused on the GN.

    thank you again to all those that opined.

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    11-04-2011 03:15 PM
  16. reflekt2099's Avatar
    this article mentions that the Rezound has a display packing 342ppi, which is insane. is the screen on the Rezound better than the iPhone 4S's Retina Display (which has 330ppi)??? By comparison, the Galaxy Nexus is packing 316ppi. I read somewhere else, online, that the screen in the Rezound is a Super LCD. i've always been comparing screen display quality with the Retina display, and i'm always blown away by the Retina display. but is it finally time to dethrone the iPhone 4's display?

    HTC Rezound vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. Droid Razr: specs showdown
    11-04-2011 03:23 PM
  17. Adrynalyne's Avatar
    HTC screens are usually washed out. So it would have to be an actual phone comparison to see.

    If you think about it, the Samsung Fascinate is samoled with pentile tech, and is the same resolution and screen size as the Droid Incredible 2 on SLCD. So its pushing less ppi. That said, which one would you rather look at?

    Having owned both, the Fascinate's screen smokes the Incredible 2 screen.
    11-04-2011 03:28 PM
  18. PJnc284's Avatar
    Honestly, you'll probably be happy with anything coming from the Storm. The Storm 9530 was my first smartphone. Since then, I've had the OG Droid, Samsung Fascinate and now the HTC Thunderbolt. All of them were leaps and bounds ahead of the Storm. I've always liked Sense and even installed a semi-functional ported version on the Droid I had. It just seems to be so much smoother than any of the other overlays and who doesn't like the little windshield wiper weather effect? Don't think you can really go wrong with either though. Just depends if you like eye candy and don't mind the added bloat of a Sense device or want something a little closer to how android should be.
    11-04-2011 03:29 PM
  19. reflekt2099's Avatar
    just found some quotes regarding the screen on the Rezound:

    "I have to be honest when I say that the 720p resolution of the display didn't really stand out in normal use. The display looked great, of course, but the blacks were still not really black, and I just didn't see the extra pixels as doing much. Until I played back an HD video, that is. The display, when paired up with an HD video, comes into its own and is super impressive."

    "And what about that 720p display? At a glance it’s simply gorgeous, as you might expect. If you’re familiar with the level of clarity and smoothness you get from the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Rezound is in the same class — the pixel density is essentially the same — and it’ll blow your mind at this screen size."

    "Having a 720p screen might sound like overkill for a phone, but we appreciated the enhanced detail when loading Laptopmag.com next to the Droid Bionic. We saw more lines of text on the Rezound, and the panel is fairly bright. However, the viewing angles on this LCD aren’t as wide as what you’ll find on the HTC Droid RAZR or Galaxy Nexus, both of which have Super AMOLED screens."

    "The screen measures 4.3 inches and has a full 720p HD resolution like the Galaxy Nexus. The only downside is that HTC still relies on LCD technology, so this screen won’t be quite as vivid as the Droid Razr or Galaxy Nexus, which both use AMOLED technology."

    "At the front of the phone is the new 720p screen, which does indeed look gorgeous. It doesn’t have quite that same vivid look of Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus, but it’s not worse, just a different look. HTC’s screen is a little bit warmer and reds are a little rosier. Colours aside, you’d have to put your eyeball on the screen before you see a pixel. It’s really, really nice."

    "Without a doubt, the biggest thing on paper to amaze us, besides the fact that it’s a 4G LTE enabled smartphone, is that it packs a staggering 4.3” 720p HD display. Not surprisingly, it produces plenty of clear and sharp details to make even the faintest of text more than legible. Meanwhile, the S-LCD panel that it’s using enables color to pulse with enough iridescence and luminance to capture our attention. However, we’re curious to see how it handles in outdoor conditions under the gaze of the sun."
    11-04-2011 03:46 PM
  20. qnet's Avatar
    I was interested in the Rezound, only because of the beats audio but, I wouldn't have got it on that alone. I read a article about how I could download a app called poweramp and, get the same results so, that pretty much ended what very little interest I had in the phone.
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    11-04-2011 07:00 PM
  21. TBolt's Avatar
    I just can't decide between the two until I can hold both of them in my hand & see the screens for myself. I'm wondering if the 1.2 GHz processor in the Nexus is going to be noticeably slower than the 1.5 GHz processor in the Rezound.

    11-04-2011 07:33 PM
  22. Adrynalyne's Avatar
    I just can't decide between the two until I can hold both of them in my hand & see the screens for myself. I'm wondering if the 1.2 GHz processor in the Nexus is going to be noticeably slower than the 1.5 GHz processor in the Rezound.

    I think the question will be instead:

    I'm wondering if the 1.5 GHz processor in the Rezound is going to be noticeably slower than the 1.2 GHz processor in the Nexus.
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    11-04-2011 07:38 PM
  23. edgefever's Avatar
    I just can't decide between the two until I can hold both of them in my hand & see the screens for myself. I'm wondering if the 1.2 GHz processor in the Nexus is going to be noticeably slower than the 1.5 GHz processor in the Rezound.

    Just change your name to GNex and go for it
    11-04-2011 07:39 PM
  24. TBolt's Avatar
    Just change your name to GNex and go for it
    lol. I've had my handle ("TBolt") for years - it has nothing to do with the HTC Thunderbolt.

    @Adrynalyne - interesting. I guess the numbers do lie sometimes.
    11-04-2011 07:42 PM
  25. Droid800's Avatar
    The Rezound is a great phone, but its in a different class than the Galaxy Nexus. The new Sense looks nice, but its still, well, Sense. That, and HTC reps have made it clear that the ICS update won't be ICS as we all know it; it'll come with Sense, which is disappointing. (and pretty tone deaf on the part of HTC)

    Other than that, the Rezound has better pixel density, a similarly nice screen, and some seriously awesome multimedia capabilities. It will be a great device if you use it for media, and it comes with a $120 set of Beats earbuds in the box. That, and the new version of Sense is quite good for what it is. It seems as though its not as cumbersome as past versions, but its still very much the same Sense as debuted on the HTC Hero.

    Here's my problems with it:
    -No NFC: Not a huge deal, per se, but its an omission that comes in to play later on down the road
    -Small battery: It remains to be seen what battery life is going to be like, but Sense is a battery hog, and HTC seems to like smaller capacity batteries.
    -No real ICS: HTC is committed to Sense. That's fine if you like it, but ICS is finally good enough to stand on its own without a skin, and HTC is ignoring that. (that arrogance alone makes me not want to buy any HTC device in the future)
    -Snapdragon S3: 1.5ghz may sound awesome, but this processor is based on an outdated A8 core, and lags behind even the 4430.
    11-04-2011 07:54 PM
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