1. xiaosong's Avatar
    I just read through some of the articles posted here on the PenTile blog and I think it does an excellent job of explaining the technology although it does use some vision terms that go over my head.

    Their latest post is about the 720p Pentile screen used on the galaxy nexus. The also have an interested post further down about the best wallpaper to use to save power on a OLED screen. Fascinating read.

    Check it out if you haven't read it before: PenTile Blog
    11-09-2011 05:16 PM
  2. Daniel0418's Avatar
    Great article. Realty good read and makes me more excited than ever.
    11-10-2011 02:16 AM
  3. Patrick Schroedl's Avatar
    Great article. Realty good read and makes me more excited than ever.
    The blog, as a whole, is a good read as well. Although I was considerably well-informed on the science behind these displays, I spent much more time reading through the articles there than I expected...

    Definitely worth the time though.
    11-10-2011 02:34 AM
  4. qnet's Avatar
    Thanks, that was indeed very informative.
    11-10-2011 06:29 AM
  5. CynicX's Avatar
    Refreshing to read something that you know is fact. Starting to forget what that was like....thanks for the post...
    11-10-2011 11:27 AM
  6. xiaosong's Avatar
    You're welcome. I just wanted to contribute something back to this awesome community.

    I sent them a question under the blog post about the most power efficient background for RBGW LCD screens and asked what would be the most efficient background for the RBGB OLED screen on the Nexus. Hopefully they'll take the time to answer that.

    However, I do wonder how much of a difference the background actually makes though, I mean, most of the time, I'm not staring at the homescreen of the phone for an extended time.
    11-10-2011 12:08 PM