1. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    Still tentative, but it's the most definite I've seen.

    I'd call it a strong B+ at this point.
    11-17-2011 02:14 PM
  2. llocknload's Avatar
    Thanks for your insight Phil!!
    11-17-2011 02:15 PM
  3. nao.nozawa's Avatar
    I will be a very happy person if this is true. I hope you're right, Phil!
    11-17-2011 02:16 PM
  4. VideoEngineerAJS's Avatar
    I figured the 21st would be the most likely. Thanks Phil.
    11-17-2011 02:16 PM
  5. Premium1's Avatar
    I hope this is true so everyone can finally get one and all these rumors will be laid to rest.
    11-17-2011 02:16 PM
  6. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    Buwhahahahha. And just like that, it's back up in the air. Sorry, folks. Gonna close this one down now.
    11-17-2011 02:17 PM