1. skiflyer's Avatar
    First Samsung smart phone here... came over from a DroidX.

    My headphones don't work. As in two pairs of my own headphones, my 3.5mm stereo jack for my home stereo or my 3.5mm stereo jack for my car.

    The headphones that came with the phone work, with the extra spot for the mic. Does the samsung headphone jack just not work with a standard stereo plug? I won't pretend I looked very hard, but I couldn't find anything about it in the manual, and searches in this forum and the rest of the internet aren't saying much.

    Wondering if I need to get an adapter, or if it's just a bad jack and I need to return the phone. Hoping it's a bad phone, but guessing this is "as designed".
    12-19-2011 02:55 PM
  2. acidsamuraix's Avatar
    Just plugged in a pair of $20 skullcandy headphones to test, they work perfectly fine.

    Not to be dumb, but did you put it in all the way? The last "click" required some extra effort.
    12-19-2011 03:01 PM
  3. cyberdalek's Avatar
    Using my Bose IE2's at this moment.

    As a side note the equalizer on Google music makes a big difference in sound volume. It's off by default for some reason.
    12-19-2011 03:07 PM
  4. greydarrah's Avatar
    Both my VMode and ScullCandy earbuds work. Take it to Verizon store and them check it.
    12-19-2011 03:19 PM
  5. skiflyer's Avatar
    last click... honestly I thought I pushed pretty hard and was afraid of breaking something. Eesh.

    I'll slink away now. Thanks!
    12-19-2011 03:38 PM
  6. protonchain's Avatar
    Dude don't even worry about that, I felt weird when I tried plugging it into my car stereo the first time via AUX. I was like why is there no sound coming out. <sadface>

    Then I realized I didn't have it pushed in the entire way. Derp.

    Since then, I've had 3 metric tons of fun with the equalizer in google music. It seriously makes my already-nice earphones into AWESOME earphones.
    12-19-2011 03:53 PM