1. CarryMe's Avatar
    Amazon claims they can't get the phones from Samsung and that is why they have stopped selling the GN. Meanwhile, my local VZN stores have plenty to sell and claim there has been low demand in-store for the phone. That I believe since they try to steer you away from the GN and toward the Rezound in-store.

    I wonder if what is going on is that Samsung has stopped shipping the phones due to the problem with authenticating/baseband or whatever the problem is? I would guess returns of phones that users claim are defective get charged back against the manufacturer, so maybe Sammy decided to look into the problem before shipping more phones.
    12-22-2011 04:14 PM
  2. CarryMe's Avatar
    anyone know what is going on - is it true consumer demand that is at play or is it that Sammy has stopped shipping new phones until the problem is fixed?
    12-23-2011 06:39 AM