1. Brooke's Avatar
    New behavior: Every few seconds the GPS sign appears momentarily in the notification bar, next to the Lookout icon. The only thing I've done out of the ordinary is use GolfShot today. I forced it closed in Settings. Anyway, the GPS icon keeps appearing ...


    [Edit: re-start fixedit, but I'm still curious.]
    12-30-2011 11:15 PM
  2. Brooke's Avatar
    It's started again ...
    12-31-2011 01:34 AM
  3. Stardate Tab 10.1's Avatar
    Facebook as an option for GPS location for their checking in feature. This could be one of the causes. Or a weather app could be set for location. It actually could be a number of things.

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    12-31-2011 02:06 AM
  4. Brooke's Avatar
    Thanks. Trying to track it down. But for Golfshot, I can't figure what I've done differently in the past day or two. And GolfShot appears not to be the culprit ...
    12-31-2011 02:19 AM
  5. Brooke's Avatar
    I played with GooglePlus on my IPad, did notice they'd not my location. Since Android is built around Google, might this be it?
    12-31-2011 07:47 AM
  6. iBowToAndroid's Avatar
    I played with GooglePlus on my IPad, did notice they'd not my location. Since Android is built around Google, might this be it?
    No because G+ does not have a feature where it automatically needs your GPS location every so often. It's an app that's doing it.
    01-02-2012 01:30 AM
  7. JoeUserTX's Avatar
    GolfShot is probably still running in the background, and still polling the GPS, most likely.

    Go under Apps in your Settings, open the GolfShot app under the All tab, and see if it's still running. If it's still alive, Force Close it and that should take care of it. If you find that it wasn't still running, then perhaps GolfShot started a service that's running in the background. In that case, try to locate the service under Running Apps and kill it from there.
    01-02-2012 02:41 AM
  8. albokay's Avatar
    Its not GolfShot because I am having the same problem and I dont have that app downloaded.
    01-08-2012 07:30 AM
  9. yosteve's Avatar
    Is it using your battery when you look at your usage?
    01-09-2012 12:01 AM
  10. albokay's Avatar
    I dont see anything that would be using the gps in the battery stats. It does freeze the time on the notification bar and run the cpu hot so im assuming the battery is being used by it.
    01-09-2012 08:58 AM
  11. albokay's Avatar
    I think the demon app may be foursquare. When it happened again i removed foursquare and it stopped. I still had to reboot because the keyboard stopped typing letters and the time froze on tje notification bar. Ill leave it off for awhile and see if it stops.

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    01-10-2012 05:10 PM
  12. Hosehead's Avatar
    Any way to get rid of the GPS status in the notification bar?
    01-18-2012 04:36 PM
  13. ecs180's Avatar
    turn of gps stand alone service, leave the other 2 on...worked for me
    12-06-2012 09:51 AM