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    My girlfriend uses a local bank in CT for her banking and on her BlackBerry Storm2 their website worked for her just fine. I bought her the Galaxy Nexus for Christmas and it wouldn't work on it and their tech support knows nothing but it worked on my phone with was unlocked, rooted and running a ROM. So I did that and put on Revolution HD and it then worked for her. I wanted her to have a 4.0.3 ROM so I flashed AXI0M and it stopped working but it works perfectly fine on mine. I checked all the browser and security settings between the two phones and nothing works. I tried using Maxthon on Axi0m and it didn't help. Any ideas guys? I'm probably going to flash it back to Revo or try Liquid because I liked that on mine except the G Wallet not working on 1.2. So help is greatly appreciated but it is kind of weird if you ask me since it works fine on my phone.
    01-04-2012 06:11 PM