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    I've had the GN since early December and I notice I have a lot of problems when I am traveling every week. While I am away from home I get fairly full blue bars (4g in 4g areas and 3g in the others) and I can almost always get a data connection but often I can't make calls and my text messages don't sent with an error code of 2. I've updated my PRL through 22899 and the PRL did update but it hasn't improved my situation. I also notice that after coming out of Airplane mode or turning on my phone for the first time after a flight it takes over 5 minutes to be able to send texts or make calls and then it is sporadic the whole time being able to use data.

    I've searched and have seen people with connectivity issues but they don't sound like this problem. According to the bars I'm connected quite a bit! But, alas, I am not.

    Thoughts? Is there any value in going to a store or should I just call for support?

    02-02-2012 07:48 PM