1. Toddzilla#WN's Avatar
    I've done a search and can't find answers to these issues.

    I had Nova Launcher installed as an apk (not looking to root) and I could not get the widgets to install on my homescreens. I would select the widget from the widget list and the list would disappear. The phone would go back to the last homescreen that I was on and there would be a pop up message at the bottom saying something to the extent of "there is not enough room on the homescreen".

    I tried it with homescreens that had some room on them and with blank homescreens, but Nova wouldn't drop certain widgets. Widgetsoid worked, most others did not. What am I doing wrong?

    Also, when tapping the Home button to go back to the homescreen from an open App, I would get a popup asking which launcher to complete the task with and it would list "Nova Launcher" or stock launcher and there is an option to set it to default launcher and not ask again. I'm guessing I could just click the "default" checkbox and that would eliminate the annoying popup confirmation and still keep Nova as the launcher? I didn't want to click default and crash something (Android noob here too).

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    02-12-2012 10:12 AM
  2. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    With some Widgets even the default homescreen size is too small. You may need to go into the settings and change the homescreen grid size to 5x4.. also remove the Google Search Bar.

    For the popup message... you need to select Nova and set it as the default otherwise you will get that message everytime you return to the homescreens.
    For switching back defaults... you would then go to Settings.. Applications.. Manage Applications.. All.. Nova Launcher.. and clear the default. That will give you the option again to choose a default launcher if you ever decide to switch back to stock.

    Which widget(s) is giving you a problem?
    02-12-2012 10:32 AM
  3. Toddzilla#WN's Avatar
    Cyber Warrior-

    Thanks! That is exactly what I needed. I've got Nova back on my phone and am loving it.

    Thanks again.
    02-12-2012 12:47 PM