1. ble1222's Avatar
    My first GNex seemed fine, until it randomly dropped all signal.

    When you see a grey bar with nothing on, that means it's not connected.

    Experienced this a few times, so I felt the need for an exchange.

    (It also had a yellow tint on the screen)
    (I was still within my 14 days)

    Went into a VZW store, and they gave me a hard time saying that they have to "duplicate" the issue

    or otherwise I'm stuck with the phone.

    So I was there with this stupid CR, with an IQ of a monkey, just sitting there and staring at the phone for 10 minutes. Afterwards, she says "there's nothing wrong with the phone."

    I left the store knowing that arguing with that kind of people is futile, and dialed *611 immediately.

    Spoke to a tech rep, did some troubleshooting, and he agreed my phone needs to be replaced.

    I knew about the radio HW rev. that you can check on your phone under 'baseband,' and wanted the replacement to be rev. 10. (first one was rev. 10 also)

    Just because people seemed to believe rev. 10 has less issues than rev. 09

    Most stores in NYC had rev. 09 so I ordered one from the warehouse via *611.

    Received the replacement, and it is worse.

    It drops all signals much much more frequently.

    (first device dropped once everyday or two days, this one drops every 15 minutes.)

    Second device was rev. 10 as well, so for me the HW rev. is meaningless now.

    The screen also had vertical banding, visible on all brightness on a grey screen. Visible on white screens 0~70% brightness.

    Waiting on the 3rd replacement, this might be the last time I get a 'new' device since I'm out of my 14 days now. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I would not recommend this device to anyone until the issues have been fixed.

    P.S. But the phone is awesome when it works.
    02-18-2012 11:55 AM
  2. Newport Viper's Avatar
    That sucks man! Its a fun phone. Hang in there!
    02-18-2012 12:12 PM
  3. ircactus's Avatar
    I just couldn't play the swap game. Was within my 14 days with a few to spare. Sent it packing via fedex last night. I miss ICS. I miss the look and feel. I won't miss the crap phone calls. 2nd time a Samsung device showed the same behavior. (Had the Mic problem on a charge that also got sent back). C'ya nexus. It was fun, but a phone has to actually make phone calls.
    02-18-2012 01:12 PM