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    Alright, so here's the thing. For whatever reason, the power button on this awesome phone suddenly stopped working. Now, before you guys ask "then how does is this noob able to turn on his phone to type up this thread?". Well, it does work....kinda. I'll be able to turn it on if I repeatedly, as in 20 presses or so, press the power button. Or, if I press really hard on the button for about a second. Now, as you people can imagine, this is terribly annoying! I've rebooted and have done many battery pulls, but to no avail. So I want to know, should I factory reset? Oh!!! Also, I've had this phone for almost three months, so the 30 day return period is obviously passed lol, and I don't pay for the insurance. So...other than a factory reset, am I out of options and out of luck? Lol.
    03-03-2012 09:37 PM
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    Sounds like a common problem on Samsung devices. I had mine replaced due to similar issues, it completely failed. Call *611 or take it to a VZW store to get a replacement device. It should still be under manufacturer's warranty.


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    03-03-2012 09:48 PM
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    I've been afraid of that and have an app (widgetsoid) that lets me toggle power off from my home screen. It cuts back on half the usage.
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    03-04-2012 12:09 AM
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    I had the exact same problem with my nexus and like the other person responded it should be replaced by Verizon. The nice thing is they will send you a replacement phone the next day.
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    03-04-2012 07:47 AM
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    I sometimes have issue with power/lock button but not too bad yet. As soon as it gets worst, I will can VZW and get it replaced by the manufacturer's warranty. I had my Tbolt for 9 months before it started doing the same thing and once it got so bad, they replaced it with no questions asked.
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    03-04-2012 01:41 PM
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    Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to my local VZW store to see if I can get it exchanged.
    03-05-2012 05:45 AM
  7. PsYcHoNeWb's Avatar
    Yea no need to worry Verizon is usually pretty good with replacing devices for things like this. I had that issue with my Fascinate and they just looked at it, tried it 2 or 3 times and said okay no problem we will send you a replacement. I am noticing that I have this problem very far and few in between. Once it gets bad I will end up replacing it.
    03-05-2012 08:53 AM