1. clatus's Avatar
    I remember the cool videos of talking into the voice command and being able to see your voice to text in real time.

    I'm rooted but besides that im still stock everything.

    Voice to text is exact same as froyo and gingerbread on my nexus where it does the red circle and then the squiggly lines that are transcribing it..

    which is cool.. but I want the instant voice recognition.

    How do you get instant voice recognition to work?

    Thanks much
    03-06-2012 10:19 AM
  2. adambomb6's Avatar
    You have to use the stock keyboard for the voice recognition to work.

    What keyboard are you using?

    When you are typing swipe down on the notification bar and pick voice typing

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    03-06-2012 07:20 PM
  3. chriscw81's Avatar
    i was about to post a thread asking if there was a way around this. i use A.I.type keyboard and would love to have the stock voice-to-text while using A.I.type keyboard. anyone no a way around this? i cant find anything is settings.....

    EDIT: it would be nice to use the microphone button in A.I.type but it's not bad doing it the way adambomb6 is pointing out.
    03-06-2012 08:29 PM