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    Don't really know how many people are having this issue, but when Google had a bunch of $0.49 apps on sale, I decided to repurchase some that I had previously acquired through Amazon, since Google has a better history of updating.

    Problem is that the app would show PURCHASED in the Market/Play Store but would not let me download it since it could still tell I had never purchased it though Google.

    Someone advised there was a way to redownload/install/resign an old copy of the Market 2.3.6. I tried and was unsuccessful.

    Called Google and they opened a ticket....

    Then, I searched XDA and found the solution:

    Credit belongs to mx03 and XDA.

    Can't buy an app on market after purchasing it on amazon and uninstalling? - Page 3 - xda-developers

    The screen shots are in German and my HTML coding is atrophied from lack of use, so if this is helpful and someone feels like adding screen shots in English, please feel free.

    1. Uninstall the Amazon/3rd party App from your phone
    2. Open Google Chrome on your desktop---if Firefox or IE works too, let me know
    3. Go to the Android market, sign in, and Find the App that shows PURCHASED
    4. Right Click on where it shows PURCHASED and select INSPECT ELEMENT from the drop down menu

    5. Search for the phrase Search data-ispurchased="true" and change it to false.

    I just right clicked on the part I wanted to change and selected EDIT ATTRIBUTE
    Changed it to false and hit ENTER

    Now it will allow you to purchase and install through the Market

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    03-07-2012 10:45 PM
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    You should be able to do the same with IE by opening the Developer pane (F12 key). Can't speak for Firefox, but Opera also behaves similarly to Chrome (right-click to get to Inspect Element).

    Interesting way to game the script, for sure!
    03-08-2012 02:17 PM
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    This = life saver. I absolutely DETEST the Amazon App Store app, but I love some of the deals I got on it (Splashtop notably).

    03-08-2012 02:18 PM
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    ok, so i have another question.
    i downloaded beweather pro from getjar. i removed the app, and it let me purchase it on the android market. it downloaded just fine and installed, but every time i open it, it says i have to purchase it.

    will this method clear the purchase information? or when i do this, will i have to buy it again? or will it just show up as purchased and let me install like usual?
    03-09-2012 09:16 AM