1. firebirdfrank's Avatar
    Recently, maybe within the last month or so, my photos are no longer automatically uploading to google+. I have them set to automatically upload when connected to wifi. Used to work fine. The cache has been cleared on both the gallery and g+ apps and still no luck. I don't want to delete the data on the gallery app because i dont want to lose all the pics/vids on my phone. I'm fine with deleting the data on the g+ app since that will probably just cause my phone to just rebuild/sync my contacts with the contacts app but have not tried that yet. Under Sync settings, I have both Sync Google Photos and Sync Google+ enabled for my account. Anyone else having this issue? Any advice would be most appreciated.
    04-06-2012 01:22 PM
  2. zero neck's Avatar
    Haven't encountered that - but i dont use wifi to sync, i allow it to use data. Have you tried switching to that to see if that works? then maybe switching back
    04-06-2012 04:10 PM
  3. firebirdfrank's Avatar
    I'll try that, thanks.
    04-06-2012 06:38 PM
  4. starvingmind's Avatar
    Bet you installed Drop Box.

    Remove it. :-)

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    04-06-2012 07:23 PM
  5. Dnelson_1971's Avatar
    I have drop box on my nexus s 4g and syncing works fine. The suggestion to enable 3g data sync is a good idea.
    04-06-2012 07:29 PM
  6. kkhanmd's Avatar
    mine worked fine few days back, I have only wifi, I have set mine to work only when phone is on charge, it usually starts uploading when phone reaches 100% and still on charger.
    04-06-2012 08:28 PM
  7. jdbower's Avatar
    I had this happen when I restored Google+ from a backup with data. I uninstalled the G+ app and reinstalled from market and it cleared things up, G+ doesn't really have many settings to reconfigure so it was fairly benign.
    04-06-2012 09:21 PM
  8. doomsdalicious's Avatar
    The g+ app the gnex comes with originally had a black icon. This had known syncing issues and will not automatically update. Head to the play store and manually update the g+ app with the red icon and you should be good to go.
    04-06-2012 10:57 PM
  9. LaFlamme's Avatar
    When that happened to me, I went to settings/accounts&Sync and found that it was turned off in there. No idea why. Turning it on solved the problem.
    04-06-2012 11:07 PM
  10. Peter Johnston59's Avatar
    stopped working after I temporarily disabled my data roaming. (traveled to the USA for a few days). Now, everything syncs except my pictures?
    I've tried closing account, then reactivating it log off / log on...

    09-12-2014 09:31 AM