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    I could probably ask this question in any forum but as a GN owner I will ask here. I will be getting a new job that will require me to make calls to clients from my cell phone. Incoming calls to my desk already automatically forward to my cell number, but I don't want my clients to see my cell number and then later call me on my cell. So is there a way to block or scramble my cell number using my GN so that my clients cannot see my number? The undesirable alternative is for me to receive a corporate issued Blackberry for making outbound calls, but I would rather find a way to use my personal GN. I have plenty of personal minutes to spare for the occasional corporate call.

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    04-16-2012 10:41 PM
  2. hyperdude's Avatar
    Google Voice. Set it up (don't even need to install anything on your phone, if I remember correctly), and if you go to the web interface and click to call a number, you get a call on your cell phone that when you pick it up, connects you to the number you dialed. IIRC the call will show up as being from your GV number.
    Edit: You would also be able to easily set it up so calls to your Google Voice number get forwarded to your cell. Or you could set calls to the GV number to go to voicemail so if someone tries to call you back on that number they get your desk number from a voicemail greeting, or you just put it off until you're at your desk.
    04-16-2012 11:21 PM
  3. pirahna's Avatar
    Dial *67 before the number you want to dial.
    04-17-2012 09:50 AM
  4. zedorda's Avatar
    Dial *67 before the number you want to dial.
    That only works for land lines.
    04-17-2012 01:24 PM
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    Google Voice is the way to go. I've been using it for years. You'll need to install the GV app on your phone. One of the settings is to have GV show its number as the outgoing number. You can also set it so that it asks you which number to display, your phone or the GV number, every time you dial out.
    04-17-2012 01:43 PM
  6. gbororats's Avatar
    That only works for land lines.
    Thats not correct... *67 does indeed work for cell phones as well. You should test it.

    Best bet is the google voice. There is a google voice app. Since you already have a nexus you already have a google account. Go to www.google.com/voice and sign up, create yourself a number, and you can forward calls/texts whatever to your cell phone. There is a widget that allows you to toggle whether you make phone calls from your google voice number or from your nexus number, you can set it to never use google voice, or to use prompt every time.

    i recommend this highly. This is the way to go. You can also set times when the GV number forwards to your cell, you can set DND and all that on it. Best way aside from *67 every time
    04-17-2012 02:39 PM
  7. somnambulator's Avatar
    google voice for sure. can be a complicated setup process, however.
    04-19-2012 01:12 PM
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    When you use the prompt though this may cause issues if you use any sort of hand free device or voice dialing. Just be aware of that.
    04-19-2012 05:17 PM
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    I currently recieve blocked calls at all times of the night and day by somebody playing on my phone. How can I set a voicemail greeting up to say the lines has been disconnected or that the call is being forwarded to authorities or sumn?
    02-22-2013 07:41 AM