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    So here is the deal. About a month ago my speaker stopped working on my gnex. I searched all over Google and found a headphone jack issue so I tried it but realized that was not the issue. I have flashed a few ROMs in between and haven't had any luck (thought maybe a ROM was causing the problem but no). Last night I loaded up a game on the phone and BAM, sound again (phone ringer and notifications). I was so excited. This morning I used ROM toolbox to batch install 3 apps and data (Apex, Apex unlocker and autorap), and then to my disappointment, no more sound. I uninstalled the 3 apps and rebooted the phone but no use. Now that I have given a round about idea of the issue, my question is "does anyone know or think this may be a software issue and can I go into root explorer and do something?" I have geek squad warranty but my laptop is broke and I can't unroot the phone to bring back to get fixed yet. Just thought I would ask before I fully give up and just deal until I can warranty it out.
    08-25-2012 07:13 AM
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    My speaker went out on mine and I had to send it in for replacement. I think it is a hardware issue. Like you, I flashed several different ROMs hoping that might solve the problem, but it didn't. Weird that yours started working again, albeit for just a short time.
    08-25-2012 09:30 AM
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    I bet its apple screwin with me. Just another stab at samsung. Lol

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    08-25-2012 09:43 AM