1. teedizz's Avatar
    For some reason (not blaming in on JB) all of sudden my phones charging system seems to be messed up. Basically when i take the phone off of the charger and just sit the phone down, after the phone goes to sleep it'll just come back on and the "charging" icon and the words"charging" will come across the screen. Now that would be GREAT if I was able to actually charge without any cords but that isnt the case :-/

    So what this is doing is draining my battery super quick because my phone's screen never goes to sleep because the charging system keeps coming on and off repeatedly.

    Now I ask the question. When i take this to the Verizon store they are going to offer me a replacement nexus. Should i draw the line and go after the SIII or should I just stick with the Nexus. Im sure I can swindle my way if I raise hell into a SIII but I really dont care one way or another but what would you do? Go after the SIII or just wait for a replacement Nexus?

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    BTW...never had this issue prior to JB. Just saying.... LOL.
    10-02-2012 09:17 PM
  2. margarita2k7's Avatar
    Certified Like New Replacement Samsung Galaxy Nexus SUCKS! get yourself a GS3 and be happy!
    My experience, 1st CLNR had volume/sound cut out issues, 2nd CLNR had mic cut out issue. 3rd CLNR has a BLUE screen.
    Keeping the Blue screen because at least it can play sounds and the person I'm calling can hear me...
    10-02-2012 09:51 PM
  3. rxmorph's Avatar
    Well, I would probably say try to push for an S3 as well. Although (despite the better hardware) from playing around with in store models, I still personally prefer the feel of the Nexus. I had to get a replacement nexus because my original one suffered from the all connection loss issue when 4G was enabled. My CLN replacement has been perfect signal wise thankfully, but as soon as I turned on the screen to activate it, I could tell just by the old ICS boot up animation that the screen just didn't have the "quality" that my original nexus had. Honestly everything seems to work fine except for the lower quality screen. Blacks/grays in videos are "blotchy" so to speak where I know it wasn't like this on my original. When the screen dims before it times out looks worse (sounds odd probably I know, but hard to explain) and also the transparent look background through the recent application button makes things look very dull..I mean much more-so than they should..again this would probably be something easier explained in person. Also notice some burn in where notification bar is on certain colors and what looks to be horizontal bars for a split second or two when switching between different applications. I pondered the thought of possibly getting it replaced for it's screen quality but the more I thought about it, I'm probably fortunate that that's all that seems to be wrong with it. I really do hate the hassle of the return process and reloading everything on phone so I suppose it could be much worse. I probably seem incredibly picky with some of these concerns but knowing that the screen can/should look better in some circumstances is annoying. I suppose I could have waited it out and seen if Jelly Bean helped my signal issue as it seems to have solved some people's, but who knows.
    10-03-2012 12:06 PM
  4. Bears's Avatar
    Get the S3. As already stated the certified phones are crap. Unless you manage to actually get them to send you a brand new Nexus, push for the S3. It's overall a better phone.
    10-05-2012 03:48 AM
  5. SeigaGen's Avatar
    Quick question. Does the inside if the battery sticker state made in China? Or made in Korea?

    I had the same exact issue you had. I got a replacement nexus and all is working perfect. The one that messed up was made in China. I have my replacement made in Korea.

    Brought to you by the Google Galaxy Nexus. It IS better than the iPhone 5.
    10-05-2012 04:00 AM
  6. brainless#AC's Avatar
    Theres a thread about fixing the charging issue. Mine does the same thing once in a while . I just take a Q tip cut it in half and flatten it then dip it in alcohol and clean the charging port on your phone get it between the plug and the phone housing wiggle it around you'll see all the crap that it cleans out . Works like a champ
    10-05-2012 08:26 AM

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