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    Hey guys,

    I didn't realize there was a specific forum for the Verizon GNex, so this was posted elsewhere and I was told I'd get more information here.

    I understand there is tons of information on the GNex not only on this forum, but elsewhere on the net. However, it's getting more difficult to find information that has come out recently. Because of this, I wanted to ask a few questions regarding the GNex and hopefully have some people give me advice.

    I am a Verizon customer and I have an HTC Thunderbolt currently. I am up for a new phone on 11/21, and I was planning on getting the next Nexus device until that dream was shattered (I have my own reasons for staying on Verizon). I very much would like a Nexus device because I prefer stock android vs. HTC Sense or any other UI addon.

    1) Would it be dumb to buy a Galaxy Nexus so late in it's cycle?
    I would like to say that besides the battery (which I understand is a slight issue with the GNex), my Thunderbolt has been able to handle everything I need it to. As far as I can tell, the GNex has better hardware, so I figured I didn't need top of the line.

    2) What version of Android can I expect on Verizon?
    It seems the original Galaxy Nexus shipped with ICS on it. If I were to get one today, will I have to update it immediately to 4.1 Jelly Bean? Obviously this isn't a big issue, but I am concerned that the update to 4.2 will take months on Verizon as opposed to days or weeks.

    3) How much space is available on it? SD Card?
    I think 16 GB is fine for me, but I think I read the Verizon version has 32 GB which would be ideal.

    4) Are there signal issues?
    I talked to someone at the Verizon store, and he said one of the major complaints was signal issues. Could you provide any details?

    5) Is the battery a huge issue?
    Coming from a Thunderbolt I doubt it will even compare, but any tips? I have seen there are multiple battery sizes all the way up to 3000ish which I have in my Thunderbolt currently. Worst case scenario I can deal with the bulk, but would I need to?

    If you guys could provide any other tips or additional concerns for a first time user, that would be awesome. Also if you think I should try to get something better, please suggest something and tell me why.

    Thank you and I hope I am not angering anyone with this post as I do not know if it should be hear or not.
    11-05-2012 10:49 AM
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    1. if you are thinking Gnex, i would recommend buying either a used phone or a new one off of contract (there look to be some great one on Ebay for around $200), that way you can save your upgrade just in case a Nexus/other phone drops on VZW that you don't want to turn down and if you are on unlimited data, you will not loose it this way.

    2. The Verizon Gnex is currently on Jelly Bean 4.1.1, updates with Verizon seem to take a month or two extra then GSM updates hit

    3. 32 GB on the Verizon Gnex and no SD card

    4. Signle issues are a tough one and it is diffrent for every person. I personally don't have any signle problems, but i live in an area with great service and LTE.
    most of this is where you live and travel.

    5. I find i get about 2 hours of screen time with my phone (this get me through the day, light to medium use), If you find that you need a bigger battery you can always upgrade later.
    Make sure that if you do get a bigger battery that is has NFC.

    my personal experience is:
    I love this phone and with it being a nexus you can count on it getting the latest updates (even with Verizon, it will take longer, but they should be there)
    Still think you might want to see about a used one or a new in the box bought away from contract and save your unlimited data and upgrade. Who knows what next year will bring.
    E bay link for VZW Gnex verizon galaxy nexus | eBay

    Hope this helped and good luck.
    11-05-2012 12:15 PM
  3. pjb5064's Avatar
    Thanks for the time answering some of my questions.

    When it comes to technology, I basically have to buy new... it's just how my brain works. I can deal with imperfections if they were caused by me. Are the Ebay listings of new phones? (I doubt it) I am very weary of ebay for some reason... I look at everyone as if they are trying to scam me. If I can get a new Nexus for around 300$ I might consider it.

    Thanks again!
    11-05-2012 06:38 PM

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