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    Anyone have this issue? My nexus is fine but my wife's randomly sounds like a blown speaker when on a call

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    12-14-2012 07:43 PM
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    Yeah, I have had five of these devices including my original and four CLN replacements all with various issues..mostly screen problems aside from my first one..no screen problems that I noticed in it but it would lose signal all the time..that probably would have been fixed with update but too late to dwell on that unfortunately.. anyway I think all five that I have had experience with have had this blown speaker noise in the ear piece that you're referring to with the exception of maybe one that I can remember. In fact, they sent me a CLN the other day due to the fact that I complained about the ear piece issue and because the one I have now you can notice a couple very faint darker lines on the screen on certain colors like gray..one going horizontally and other vertically. Anyway long story short the last one they sent me had an awful screen with terrible purple tint..and low and behold the ear piece sounded pretty much the same poor quality..so I just sent the replacement back and keeping the one I have for now. I'm really disappointed with Samsung's quality control on this phone and its safe to say my next smartphone will be a Motorola or LG..something besides Samsung. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea and feel of the phone, but in my opinion Samsung really dropped the ball overall with this device.

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    12-15-2012 02:00 AM
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    And I should add, the ear piece crackle noise does only occur when it's turned up over about halfway or so but normally that's what I have to keep mine set on is high due to environment. I can't have a completely quiet room every time I talk on the phone unfortunately. It just baffles me that Samsung/Verizon sends these piece of crap phones out over and over again and expects people to just accept them.. I mean, MAYBE if you had nothing else to compare it to and didn't know better but even then it's doubtful. It's just pathetic really that you have to, as people have put it with trying to get a quality replacement phone for this device, "play phone lottery" just to try and get a well looking/working phone. Ok I'm done venting now..sorry and its late as I had typed all this so forgive all the grammar and spelling problems..

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    12-15-2012 02:36 AM

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