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    A buddy of mine loaned me this phone (on verizon) so I can try it out, but I am having a few problems I'm hoping y'all can please help me with. (or point me to the answer)
    It mostly seems like data is the problem. I can't send or receive text messages with pictures, and sometimes regular text messages don't go through either. I also can't connect to mobile data right away when unlocking the phone, sometimes not at all without rebooting the phone.
    Pandora only works sometimes (no apparent rhyme or reason) and when it does work, it pauses on/after commercials and I actually have to press play to start the music again. Is that normal?
    Last, is there a way to get a new email notification for more that one email account?

    Thanks in advance,
    James (possibly a former WebOS user)
    05-07-2015 11:06 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Be aware that the Galaxy Nexus is an ooooooooold phone, so it's possible that it's malfunctioning due to aging and wear-and-tear.

    Messaging with pictures requires mobile data to be on (it can't be sent over voice signal or wi-fi). If it's on and you're still having problems, make sure the APN settings are correct for the carrier: What is an APN, and how do I change it? | Android Central. Do a search for "[your carrier] APN settings" to find out what they should be.

    The difficulty connecting to mobile data might explain the problems with MMS, and also suggest some kind of hardware issue related to the age of the phone. It could be a carrier issue as well, so it's worth giving them a call.

    If you have multiple email accounts in the stock Email app, you can customize the notifications for each account. Open Email, tap Menu>Settings, select the email account in question, and look for the notification options there.
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    05-07-2015 04:38 PM
  3. crazybirdman's Avatar
    Thanks! I do like android, guess I gotta shell out the bucks for a newer model.
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    05-09-2015 12:55 PM

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