1. MrBigFeathers's Avatar
    So, I currently have a Fascinate and unlimited 3G data. I know that after July 7th if I switch to a 4G phone my unlimited data is going bye bye. I really wish I knew if the Galaxy S2 was going to be 3G or LTE when/if it comes to Verizon. I would go ahead and upgrade to the Charge to lock into unlimited 4G if I knew it was going to be 4G. Or stay with the Fascinate if I knew it would be 3G. So it's basically a roll of the dice. Keep 3G and hope that the Galaxy S2 has a 3G radio or move to the Charge and hope it will have LTE. I would hate to switch to the Charge only to find out the Galaxy S2 was going to be a 3G phone. Then I would have to give up unlimited data and move down to 3G from LTE.

    Just wanted to rant about that
    06-24-2011 02:40 PM
  2. BigDFSU's Avatar
    Ugh, I just talked about this in the Bionic thread. Spoke to multiple reps, there is no difference between 3G and 4G. So long as you have unlimited data before the switch, you will keep it no matter what type of phone you get. Basically the only way you lose unlimited is by telling them to drop it off your plan.

    I will be going to a store Wednesday to ask the same questions and double check on it all, but as of right now I have been told it does not matter if you only have a 3G phone and you upgrade to 4G.
    06-24-2011 02:46 PM
  3. MrBigFeathers's Avatar
    Well we have a corporate account where I work and so far when people switch to a 4G phone, or to a 3G phone from 4G it is a plan change. We have to call Verizon and have them switch it over whereas if I switch from an Incredible to a Fascinate I can do it from the web page. So, I'd like to believe they would treat unlimited as unlimited but I think they see it as a plan change.
    06-24-2011 04:13 PM
  4. mslam02's Avatar
    I also have been curious about the 3g to 4g switch losing unlimited, at this rate im sure verizon will try to screw us out of unlimited data, but i'm hoping thats not the case... it wouldn't be a huge deal to stay on 3g, but all the top tech phones now have 4g...
    06-25-2011 12:31 PM
  5. bbui4's Avatar
    From speaking to numerous representatives, I understand that the plan is treated like a contact so we would need to upgrade to a 4g phone before july 7th to lock in unlimited 4g data. The phones are treated like equipment and can be swapped out as long as we don't use our upgrades because an upgrade would trigger a plan/contact change. I think verizon will be trying to screw any way they can. I might have to lock in a 4g plan and buy off contact phones.
    06-27-2011 03:21 AM
  6. Cruiserdude's Avatar
    Well bbui, I agree that's what seems most likely given we're talking about Verizon, but most leaked info suggests that you WILL be able to upgrade and keep your unlimited data, as long as you're not making any changes. Many reps have stated this as well, so it seems likely.

    However, we don't yet know what they will consider to be a change. To be sure, switching from 3g to 4g is a different plan, and we don't yet know whether they will allow this change or not. Everyone seems to be claiming they will, but I have seen nothing leaked that suggests this, it just hasn't been denied by anything and some reps seem to think this is the case. It'd be great because it would encourage current 3g customers to upgrade to 4g devices, rather than keeping the older technology. But they may also see 4g as incentive enough to make them switch and lose their unlimited, thereby putting most of their customers on a tiered plan over time, and reducing load on the network (which they still claim is the main reason for this switch). This way, as the network transitions to LTE, and customer uptake increases, many existing customers will still have reason to switch to tiered, and the only people with unlimited LTE for the years to come would be those who already have LTE phones.

    That's all my speculation, please don't think I have any info that you don't have access to. Its just the most likely scenario to me, based on Verizon's recent behavior and what info is out there. The ability for anyone to upgrade and keep unlimited is more than I expected, honestly I figured I'd be keeping my Charge until I wanted to buy another device at full retail. We still don't know for a fact that you'll be able to upgrade at all, but there are documents out that say that, and most reps say that, so I would expect that to be true. But its a pretty safe bet that current LTE phone owners will be able to keep their unlimited LTE plans for some time to come.

    If I were you, I'd probably wait just a bit longer in hopes of getting clarification as to whether you can upgrade 3g to 4g w/o losing unlimited, while being ready to pull the trigger on the Charge at a moment's notice. After having used 4g, I can honestly say the difference is insane, I wouldn't consider selling the Charge for anything that isn't LTE, no matter how powerful the hardware is. So I'd definitely tell you to get something LTE, and the Charge is a great phone. Obviously the SGS2 is a good bit better, and likely the best phone of the year, but I wouldn't want it without unlimited LTE.

    If you find out before the date that Verizon WILL allow you to upgrade from a 3g phone to a 4g phone after the date while keeping unlimited data, then keep the Fascinate. Wait until an LTE SGS2 comes out, or something else LTE that you want. We don't yet know when the SGS2 is coming, or whether it'll be LTE at first or not. But its definitely coming at some point, and there will be an LTE version, even if it first launches as a 3g-only device. But you wouldn't be under any pressure, as you would be keeping unlimited when switching to an LTE plan, and could wait however long it takes for an LTE-equipped GS2 to release.

    However, if you find that you CANNOT upgrade from a 3g plan to a 4g plan while keeping unlimited after the date, or cannot find any info regarding this when its a few days before, grab the Charge. Again, 4g is much better than 3g, so it'll still feel like a new phone, while also being very familiar to you. If the GS2 launches as 3g-only first, oh well, you won't want anything 3g anymore anyway once you experience LTE. An LTE version will be coming, or again it may launch that way, though I doubt it will if it launches anytime soon. Since you would already have a Charge and have used your upgrade anyway, the longer it takes to come out just gives you more time to save up.
    06-27-2011 11:05 AM
  7. Raptor007's Avatar
    Right now I have a 4G Charge running in a 3G market and until they actually give me 4G here I got 3G. Still if I decide to get a D3 and go 3G for a while until better 4G phones come out I should be still locked into an unlimited data plan regardless I am simply changing a phone, data speed is being made irrelevant since Verizon's goal is to be full 4G LTE by 2013 and move everyone off of 3G long term.

    It has been discussed in other threads for other phones confirming if you have UNLIMITED DATA on or before July 7th 2011 you are safe and will be able to upgrade without losing that unlimited data. Now that is what is being discussed and tweeted by Verizon support. BUT, until I actually see something in writing about this and I read the very, very fine print where the [1] [2] [3] symbols are I will not fully buy into it.
    06-27-2011 10:34 PM
  8. BigDFSU's Avatar
    Just had another Verizon rep on a different board come out and say that you can have a 3G phone and upgrade to a 4G phone, after the switch to tiered, and you can still keep unlimited data. I'm calling Verizon tomorrow to speak with them about it just to confirm certain things with my plan. Going to ask the question yet again. I'm making sure that if Verizon pulls anything shady with me, then I will have ammo to use to get them to compensate me in one form or another. Even of it is just to end my contract without paying fees so I can go to another carrier.
    06-28-2011 02:18 PM