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    So 2 nights ago in the middle of the night my phone rebooted & got stuck on Samsung logo, my phone was stock & unrooted (I've rooted & flashed this model previously before having it replaced due to dead charge port) so after some troubles reflashing stock ROM (NAND write fails) I finally got it operating mostly but now I got stuck in Factory Mode that gives me this annoying yellow text on black message over my home page I can't get rid of & after successfully rooting and trying to flash a custom recovery so I can flash Jedi X 20 I get a unauthorized software message bring into Verizon message and won't boot, I've read there's some bootloader trickery at play with the last update & this is a old phone so I know people must of bypassed this problem by now & I'm trying to not get a new phone till after holidays

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    12-02-2015 10:17 AM

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