11-11-2012 01:51 PM
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  1. kris.richards's Avatar
    Rumor going around is the US versions are not launching with the multi-tasking feature. Really hope this isn't true. Anyone able to confirm one way or the other? (t-mobile) users?
    10-28-2012 04:56 PM
  2. piizzadude's Avatar
    Do you mean the split window feature? If so it will be there, if you are talking about true multi-tasking it isnt a bug, it is a feature...lol
    10-28-2012 05:16 PM
  3. kris.richards's Avatar
    Yes, split window feature. Thanks!
    10-28-2012 05:28 PM
  4. piizzadude's Avatar
    They are going to be rolling it out to the SGS3 as well so I would not worry about it not being there.
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    10-28-2012 05:37 PM
  5. Blaksmyth's Avatar
    I think we will have the split window, even the gsm version had to get a OTA update to activate it so we will just wait and see.
    10-29-2012 10:41 AM
  6. MittenSportsFan's Avatar
    The dual screen capability is not yet available on the current US versions (Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular). I doubt it will enabled by the AT&T or VZW launches either. The international version also launched without this feature but was enabled with an update shortly after launch, so the code is already written. It is just a matter of how long it takes each of the US carriers to approve, test, and roll out.
    You would think VZW could launch with this feature since they will be the last to ship but Big Red is notoriously slow with updates.

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    10-29-2012 11:29 AM
  7. infmethod's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Android 4.1, S Pen | Verizon Wireless

    Right on Verizon's Note 2 page it says, "Multi-Task more than ever before..." And under that title says Multi Window with pictures of it, so I'd imagine at least with Verizon's model, we'll be able to do it right out of the box.
    10-29-2012 11:41 AM
  8. superlawyer15's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Android 4.1, S Pen | Verizon Wireless

    Right on Verizon's Note 2 page it says, "Multi-Task more than ever before..." And under that title says Multi Window with pictures of it, so I'd imagine at least with Verizon's model, we'll be able to do it right out of the box.
    never expect any good things from verizon.

    chances are it will be a few months after launch for Verizon to approve the update it and push it out
    10-29-2012 11:52 AM
  9. dponte's Avatar
    I posted this in the general Note2 forum and in AT&T, as that is my carrier (at least, T-Mobile and Sprint, have the question as well). One poster above also noted the VZW website touted this Note2 feature on the Note2 info page. THIS is a big deal because other carriers have NO mention of it, and Verizon is last to roll it out (late in Nov 2012).

    As stated, it mostly has to do with the delay of the multiwindow/multitask feature overall (for the Note2, since the USA S3 has just the multitask part, at least)...and therefore, the delay our US carriers are taking to implement/test it with their 'stuff' and overlay...I assume, at least.

    I wrote about how the carriers were not touting this (or the screen recorder feature, for that matter!) Multitask/MultiWindow feature set...so, it was interesting to see VZW's website have this posted...since it's a BIG feature and you would WANT to tout it.

    Someone mentioned it in the xda developers forum, as well, referring to the VZW website though.

    Sothen the question is for the rest of the carriers, AT&T, Sprint, etcdoes this mean it comes out around that time? Verizon's version of the Note2 is supposedly set for release on Nov 27th/29th? Or do we ALL wait until Dec, when a supposed 4.1.2 update for JB is coming for the S3 (and probably the Note2or probably not?...seems like its not a guarantee in the Android world, even if its such a similar device).

    Anyway, here is the only link for this source of info that alludes to the update coming to the S3not sure where the SamMobile person got it fromthe xda developer forum folks mentioned it too, based on a tweet from the same guy touting I9300XXD = 4.1.1 and I9300XXE= 4.1.2 ...the rumor has been spread around a bit and not debunked yet, who knows.

    Multi-view for the Galaxy S3 is coming up | SamMobile


    Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Android 4.1, S Pen | Verizon Wireless

    Multi-task More Than Ever Before
    Take multi-tasking to a whole other level with a brilliant 5.5" screen and amazingly innovative capabilities.

    Multi Window. Divide the screen into two active "windows" creating a split screen that enables fluid multitasking between applications.
    Popup Video. Watch your favorite video and run other applications at the same time, in the same view
    Popup Browser. Open a web link without leaving what youre doing. View a webpage and what is displayed conveniently underneath.
    Popup Notes. Open a convenient pop-up window to jot down a quick note or idea.
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    10-30-2012 03:19 PM
  10. Markster1's Avatar
    Well maybe Verizon is releasing late so this feature is already installed to avoid a costly push OTA.
    10-30-2012 04:48 PM
  11. dponte's Avatar
    Interesting...do you have a link for this? Any other carriers there?
    10-31-2012 02:32 PM
  12. Raptor007's Avatar
    Perhaps Verizon chose to roll it out later than the other US carriers so they could actually get that in the OS without an OTA update that would require certification. Perhaps its a good thing.
    11-01-2012 01:54 PM
  13. Raptor007's Avatar
    Ok, Verizon is selling the iPhone 5 as an unlocked phone that can be used in the US on any GSM carrier and they have publicly stated they will not be locking it down. So there is one good thing they did for those users. So I answered that question.

    As for it taking a month to brand buttons, do you seriously think it takes a month to do that. Hardly, these phones run down an assembly line and its pretty easy to get it done. Verizon sadly has never been first (in any good ways that is) at anything. They were first with BT in a flip phone but they crippled it, they were first to roll out family shared data, but they gouged us when they did it, they were first in being last for every hot phone launch and sadly they are always first to not pick up a hot phone as well.

    Other than that I would prefer to take the high road and hope that we will get the multi-task feature since it is in their file system already.
    11-02-2012 08:09 AM
  14. MittenSportsFan's Avatar
    Verizon serves itself above all else. It's delayed to brand the home button and to show samsung that they don't have to operate within the "mid-november" deadline that samsung announced for U.S. availability. Also, verizon wants the phone to fail. They intentionally passed on the original note because they thought it was too niche. It sold 10 million units worldwide so they were proven wrong but they can not admit it. If they delay their release and people buy the HTC DNA or an iPhone or a Razr Maxx or better yet go to another carrier and get a Note 2 then their Note 2 sales will be low and they can put a nice smug smile on and say,
    "we told you, verizon customers don't like these giant phones."
    You say Verizon only acts in it's own self interest but would want the GN2 to fail on Verizon.
    How is that helping VZW?
    Better yet, you suggest they want customers to leave and go to another carrier.
    Really? You believe that?
    Vzw, like all carriers want ALL their phones to sell well and be successful. When that happens everyone is happy from customer, to employees to shareholders.
    All phones are more successful if there is a phased launch of individual phones or familes of phones. This allows each phone or phone family to have their on buildup and coordinated marketing effort like movies or video games.
    Samsung didn't have a launch deadline. They can't dictate to the carriers when to launch. Samsung indicated that the GN2 would be available to each carrier by mid-november and all had either launched or taken pre-orders by Halloween.
    Vzw will ship the GN2 this month but first they have to complete a successful launch of the RAZR HD family of smartphones.
    The GN2 is up next, then the HTC DNA.

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    11-02-2012 12:05 PM
  15. Raptor007's Avatar
    Verizon is very happy selling far more Android phones than iPhones, the iPhone cuts too heavily into their profits due to the subsidy they pay Apple. Given the sheer volume of Android devices rolling out in any given month or quarter they have to stagger the releases, sure it sucks for me I want it now but 27 days to go until launch, not too horrible, or is it.
    11-02-2012 12:59 PM
  16. moktay's Avatar
    Most of the Verizon phones that are being pushed out now. Have special deals with the manufacturer. more profit for them

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    11-02-2012 03:25 PM
  17. dponte's Avatar
    At this time, Raptor may be correct...as it looks like Verizon is marketing the feature on their pre-order page, where no one else is (including my carrier, AT&T). That, and 4.1.2 is supposedly coming to the S3 with the multi-window feature (although, the S3 already has the SAMSUNG multitask feature -not to be confused with the JB multitask app screen shot- using the home button, where the back button is the way to do it on the Note 2 international models with the firmware update).

    4.2 is not coming until perhaps next spring, so I doubt we will have to wait that long. I assume the multi-window/multitask feature is coming in December. Unless AT&T finishes testing the firmware update for multiwindow and/or as stated, it becomes certified before December's 4.1.2 OS update. International models had this update come out quickly after release, but they may not have to go through some certifications perhaps?
    11-02-2012 05:11 PM
  18. kris.richards's Avatar
    Just chatted with a Rep.. not sure how reliable this is, but she said that it will be shipping with Multi-taskingNo Multi-tasking on VZW model?-vzw-chat.jpg
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    11-02-2012 07:08 PM
  19. Markster1's Avatar
    Do you really think verizon has ever made a single decision pertaining to an Apple product? (besides passing on the original iPhone because they couldn't have control over it) Are you really that naive?

    You miss the bigger picture, read my above post. They can't admit they are wrong. They do a pre order instead of ordering stock to be available on launch day. Because they do a preorder they know exactly how many phones to order, this way they don't have to have a fire sale and sell the note 2 for $99 in three months to get rid of overstock. Furthermore, with a month passed, they can look at total sales numbers and gauge how many phones to keep in stock going forward. All of these things serve their interest above the customer's interest. It is a win win really for them. Either they sell a small number and can brag that they were right all along and not be stuck with overstock, or they sell millions and make millions and brag about how they passed on the note 1 because they always knew the note 2 was better

    you guys must have big red rings around your mouths and your jaws must really hurt?
    Must be nice knowing everything............
    11-03-2012 07:08 AM
  20. dponte's Avatar
    Just chatted with a Rep.. not sure how reliable this is, but she said that it will be shipping with Multi-taskingClick image for larger version. 

Name:	VZW Chat.jpg 
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Size:	125.2 KB 
ID:	44478
    Interesting...thanks for the update!

    With AT&T, so, this could mean that some/all US carriers will therefore get it by then, at least.
    11-03-2012 06:39 PM
  21. dponte's Avatar
    Rumor update:

    Verizon's community forum has a 'tester' talking about a test VZW model (which he has to give back within 3 days) and that it he has CONFIRMED the Samsung mutli-window/task feature is on the VZW model.


    See comment about the Samsung TouchWiz multi-window/tasking feature (#542).

    Hope this means AT&T get's it by then...but, for those anticipating, it's looking good for you VZW customers.
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    11-03-2012 11:41 PM
  22. sircody's Avatar
    Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Rolling out now.....

    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 First of year after 4.1.1 is done rolling out

    JB 4.1.2 is the Version with so called MultiTask.

    Really there has been only one True Multitask, and that was on the Palm Pre. It could Multitask with no 4g and the Aphone couldn't do anything close to it. You would open a App, use it, Shrink it to a card and open many others and swipe cards to get to one you wanted and when done with one, swipe it up and it ended. None Of this Back button Crap.lol
    11-04-2012 04:39 PM
  23. dponte's Avatar
    @sircody - I dont see where you are getting this 4.1.2 roll out info from, either specific to VZW or not.

    The back button isn't a big deal for efficiency, in my opinion.

    Also, there is interesting news from AC on this, today: Android 4.1.2 update for Galaxy Note could add Nature UX, multi-window feature | Android Central
    So, the question remains...will this be on the Note2 at the same time as the Note1 and S3? One would think, but given the nature of updates and carrier approval/testing...it's not exactly in the bag to happen at the same time. It does bode well for a 'soon' assumption though, along with VZW customers looking to have it upon the Note2 roll-out. But, what is 'IT'? 4.1.2? Firmware update for the multi-window/task feature itself already on the VZW model?
    11-05-2012 12:40 PM
  24. sircody's Avatar
    Efficient how? Back button isn't programable as it should be so you can set it to exit/shut down an App. Back button doesn't Close an App if Dev didn't program it to Close with Back....not all apps have the Exit option......At least with True Multitasking you choose when to close an app fully by a simple jester or selection. Android doesn't have that feature without going into settings or adding a App to do it.
    And using a Back Button is like being in a Browser without Tabs where Tabs let you go straight to a App/Task with one click...

    Current Version being sent to S3 is 4.1.1.....
    Below is the details of 4.1.2...
    Link to Comparisons of the three Jelly Bean....4.1......4.1.2.......4.2

    Android versions comparison | Comparison tables - SocialCompare
    Google Android 4.1.2

    Simplified operating system datasheet

    Full Name: Google Android 4.1.2
    Short Name: Android 4.1
    Developer: Google
    Codename: Jelly Bean
    Release Date: October 09, 2012
    Predecessor: Google Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean)
    Operating System Family: Android operating systems
    Operating System Kernel: Linux 3.4.0
    Supported CPU Instruction Set(s): x86, ARM
    Additional Details
    Related Page: Android Developers
    Datasheet Time: Oct 11, 12 21:55:21
    Datasheet Views: 1721 views
    PDAmaster: Browse all devices running "Android 4.1.2 "

    Android 4.1.2 Details
    Android 4.1, Jelly Bean (JB), is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet. Jelly Bean improves on the simplicity and beauty of Android 4.0, and introduces a new Google search experience on Android.
    11-05-2012 01:25 PM
  25. dponte's Avatar
    Yes, I understand what is in 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 and 4.2 (thusfar). I was questioning your dates of the roll-out...where did you get them from? Again, carriers are different, and devices receive these updates -within the same carrier- at different times, it seems...especially, if the S3 is getting 4.1.2 (multi-window Samsung/TW feature, as it already has the multi-task Samsung/TW feature) in December, it depends on the carrier roll-out, yet VZW is marketing this feature on their Note2 model which is due out by Nov 29th or sooner.

    Why does the back button need to do this? It enables the Samsung/TW multitask, whereas the home button is used for the ICS/JB multitask screenshot (unless it's the S3 with ICS, then that is used for the Samsung/TW multitask feature instead...which should change once the new update is applied for multi-window). Then you disable it the same way, which closes the sidebar tab. You should be able to swipe away the apps, as you do with the ICS/JG multitask screenshot feature...not sure yet, how you do it with the Samsung feature.
    11-05-2012 02:41 PM
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