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    So I am a current Thunderbolt owner who through a lot of wheeling and dealing was able to get a Verizon CS Manager to allow an exemption on my account to move my upgrade up from March. The problem was, when the phone was Pre-order status only, they could not place the order for me due to a problem with their system.

    So I walked into a store in the mall here today thinking we will be able to do this, and the kid behind the counter says no-can-do, the upgrade date needs to be changed in the system for them to be able to do this.

    So I call CS from the store, mind you I have spend more time than I want to count on the phone with these freakin' people trying to convince them to allow me to do this. The CS rep I get was polite but unhelpful. He says that his manager is telling him that for Verizon to allow this, it would be the equivalent of committing fraud. I found this hard to believe, and I had a note placed on my account stating that this would happen for me. So I ask to speak to the manager, I have learned to never take no for an answer from these people.

    The manager I get is a complete ****, and basically says, regardless of what I was told, they are not going to honor the agreement, it is fraud, and he is going to report the manager that I spoke with initially who granted the exception.

    I was frustrated so I leave give it a few minutes and call back. The CS rep I get was very understanding and forwarded me to a manager who was also very polite and helpful. He gave me his assurance that as soon as the phone comes out of pre-order status (they have to fill all of the orders first) he will call me/text me and overnight me the phone. I have his name, employee ID and location as verification.

    So although I didn't walk out with the phone today (which I was really, really hoping to do) I was taken care of and should have the phone by next week.

    After seeing the phone in person in the store, I have to say... To the people who are planning an "Occupy Wall Street" type revolt against Verizon over the home button, you people seriously need to think about what does and doesn't really matter in the world. I didn't even notice the button.
    11-29-2012 02:33 PM

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