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    The stock browser on the Note II keeps crashing on certain websites.
    One in particular is AJC.com It's the site for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.
    I visit that site daily to get the latest news in my area. I've had no problems accessing the desktop version of that site on other Android phones and tablets. For some reason the Note II keeps crashing when I try to use the desktop version of the site. I tried it on a Galaxy S3, and I didn't have any problems. Only on the Note II. I tried it on 2 different demo phones, and the browser froze both times.
    I would visit the site, then click on a link to view a story. Sometimes the browser would freeze right way. Sometimes it would take me to the page of that story, but if I go back to the home page, non of the other links will work, and the browser and phone would freeze up.

    Has anyone else had issues with that site, or any sites in particular?

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    11-29-2012 04:57 PM

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