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    Ok, so here's something fun. I'm not sure if it's just touchwiz or all ROMs do this. If you look at your disk space, you're going to notice that a large portion is used, however it's being reported incorrectly. Let's say you're using 2.5Gb on your internal SD card. That 2.5Gb is being reported twice, so rather than having 8Gb free, any disk space report will show 5.5Gb free. Here's how you can see this.

    For rooted users in ADB:
    cd /
    busybox du -sh *
    ##You'll see that /data is fairly large
    ##Also, note the size of /sdcard
    cd /data
    du -sh *
    You'll see /data/media is being reported as the same size as your SDCard. That's because /data/media is your internal SD Card. So basically any report will incorrectly report disk availability. If anyone has an AOSP ROM that they can test this on it would be appreciated.
    12-10-2012 09:05 AM

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