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    This might just be a speaker that looks like a shoe, but it can really.....


    hahahahahhahahahaha, sorry.

    It's a great speaker, it's loud and it's clear. It's bluetooth 3.0 but NOT aptx compatible. It has an 8-10 hr. battery life. It's double the size of the foxLv2 that I recently reviewed though. Remember that the foxL v2 DOES support aptX. If the size doesn't bother you, pick this one up. This is another speaker that is BETTER than the Jambox in the same price range. If you want sound and not just marketing, I dare you to compare the solemate to your jambox.

    The review is posted here. I have pictures and a video walkthrough. Make sure and listen to the goofy pairing sounds on the solemate, quite funny.
    01-06-2013 09:27 PM

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