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    why does Samsung make Verizon Note 2 in both Korea and China? Which is the "better" one?

    it's dj vu all over again... not too long ago, I asked the same question about the Verizon Galaxy S3 while standing inside a Best Buy store.

    When I was at the local Best Buy again today(because of the one-day $199 sale on VZW Note 2), I saw 7 VZW Note 2... all white... 3 Chinese and 4 Korean.
    I took home the one that said "Made in Korea" on the box, figuring it's better to get one made in Samsung's own country. Not really sure if there is a difference.
    I think my final decision was due to the fact that the mobile dept manager was a Korean gal. She said "go with Korea" so I did...
    01-08-2013 03:18 PM

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