05-03-2013 05:08 PM
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    This is what throws me in a loop I just don't get it...

    Yes I know Verizon has the best overall network, no doubt about that, but they're also the most expensive network IIRC. Why would we not hold them accountable for better service, even if it comes in the form of updating our devices in a timely manner?
    Overall, they are more expensive, but not always. Verizon is cheaper for me than the other carriers based on my usage.

    Verizon also doesn't have customer friendly policies, delays in updates is only one thing and to me, not that big of a deal. In any event if you want quick updates and verizon, there are devices that get very quick updates, on par with the other carriers... Up to the individual to decide of course.

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    05-03-2013 05:08 PM
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