1. adb142's Avatar
    I'm in the Philippines and looking to buy a Note 2 since it's on sale here. Every indication is that it is unlocked, and every salesman tells me it will work in Japan (where I live now) the US, Canada, etc.

    My question: Can I buy this phone and plug a SoftBank (Japan), AT&T, or prepaid micro sim in and rock and roll?

    Thanks for the help in advance.
    04-11-2013 05:40 AM
  2. jahciple's Avatar
    It should because it has both gsm and cdma/lte radios. How much are they going there for pare?

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    04-11-2013 10:30 PM
  3. adb142's Avatar
    Price is 27,000 PHP, which is about 650 US dollars. Originally 29,990 pesos bundled with a Samsung Champ but I asked to unbundle for a 1500 peso discount and paying in cash nets me 5 percent more. Keep in mind tax is included.

    If read about a lot of people having issues going from one provider to another and I wanted to ensure that when I get back to the states I can plug in my AT&T micro sim, or use it in Japan with my SoftBank micro sim, or use it here with a prepaid globe micro sim.
    04-12-2013 01:09 AM

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