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    Hi All,

    Relatively new to android as I switched over from Blackberry about a month ago. I have a quick question - I've recently manually updated to 4.1.2 after reading about the update on these forums. However, my brother has the same phone and informed me he had a notification/prompt that informed him of the update a day or two ago. When I checked the Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates, it said the last check was in early April (when I bought the phone). His Note 2 had checked as recently as today. My gf's SIII also had checked for updates as recently as yesterday.

    I tried finding a setting that would control this feature/check but no such luck. Any way I can make sure my phone checks for OS updates automatically/background without having to manually check that there is an update? Many thanks!
    05-09-2013 10:45 AM

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