09-18-2013 04:52 PM
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  1. srigirin's Avatar
    Good job Shiva ......
    Awesome pics

    Sent from my GT-N7100
    08-08-2013 08:56 AM
  2. SHIVA77's Avatar
    Thanks Ansa82 and Srigirin.
    08-08-2013 06:15 PM
  3. srigirin's Avatar
    Its not a pro photograph as like Shiva's but thought to share this one with you guys after I saved its life yesterday.

    Sent from my GT-N7100
    Attached Thumbnails Pro Photographer shoots with Note 2-uploadfromtaptalk1376021989717.jpg  
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    08-08-2013 11:22 PM
  4. ansa82's Avatar

    sent from my Galaxy Note 2
    08-09-2013 03:04 PM
  5. ansa82's Avatar
    Love that you can see the details in it's face!

    sent from my Galaxy Note 2
    08-09-2013 03:05 PM
  6. srigirin's Avatar
    Yeah thats true , I really appreciate samsung for this wonderful camera

    Sent from my GT-N7100
    08-10-2013 08:59 AM
  7. SHIVA77's Avatar
    is that pic taken with a SGN2?
    what's GT-N7100?
    08-13-2013 07:33 PM
  8. srigirin's Avatar
    @SHIVA77 - YES

    Sent from my GT-N7100
    08-19-2013 09:05 PM
  9. SHIVA77's Avatar
    Two more SGN2 mobile shots:

    08-20-2013 12:26 PM
  10. srigirin's Avatar

    Sent from my GT-N7100
    08-21-2013 07:54 AM
  11. SHIVA77's Avatar
    The movie VERTIGO in the Park. This is my favorite Hitchcock movie. Shot with my mobile.

    Attached Thumbnails Pro Photographer shoots with Note 2-7a2e7283ab306a68ee450441ce3f34f8.jpg  
    08-24-2013 12:48 PM
  12. SHIVA77's Avatar
    And now for something completely different:

    08-31-2013 11:39 AM
  13. ansa82's Avatar
    Very cool. Love the lit windows.

    sent from my Galaxy Note 2
    08-31-2013 12:28 PM
  14. chasenfreedom's Avatar
    That's sexy right there....
    One more. See it in the original size. The plus side of a small sensor is that, at night if you are careful with the images, it can look like a painting.

    09-01-2013 05:46 PM
  15. Johnly's Avatar
    Lots of good pics in this thread! The note 2 camera is really quite well

    Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 2
    09-01-2013 06:00 PM
  16. SHIVA77's Avatar
    Thank you very much guys!!!
    09-04-2013 07:19 PM
  17. SHIVA77's Avatar
    9/11 Memorial Lights. Shot with mobile.

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    09-06-2013 09:30 PM
  18. SHIVA77's Avatar
    09-08-2013 01:00 AM
  19. SHIVA77's Avatar
    Yoga in the Park. Shot with mobile.
    09-08-2013 05:29 PM
  20. SHIVA77's Avatar
    9/11 Memorial Lights.

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    09-11-2013 12:01 AM
  21. ansa82's Avatar

    sent from my Galaxy Note 2
    09-11-2013 06:35 AM
  22. JayDroid78's Avatar
    Do you use a tripod mount with your Note2? I can't find one that fits yet.
    You can try this one. I don't have it yet but plan to soon.
    Amazon.com: Telephoto Lens Kit Phone Camera Zoom 12X + Aluminum Tripod + Case Cover Pouch for Samsung Galaxy Note2 II N7100 DC273: Cell Phones & Accessories
    hope it helps. It has a 12x optical zoom lens and is designed for the Note 2.
    09-18-2013 04:52 PM
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