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    So per the "SD Card Unexpected Removed" thread, I installed Wakelock, and stopped getting those error messages. Then the other day I noticed my phone wasn't reading my SD card at all. I tried rebooting, re-inserting SD card, and nothing seemed to work.

    Thinking my SD card was dead, I decided to uninstall Wakelock, since I didn't need it for anything now. I little while later I had rebooted my phone. After rebooting, I noticed my SD card was back, with data and all!

    Without knowing anything technical about what Wakelock does, it seems like the SD card connection was somehow lost, and perhaps Wakelock prevented the "Preparing SD Card" step. Maybe it was all a strange coincidence and Wakelock wasn't related to my SD card going missing, then suddenly coming back, but the timing sure seemed to match up. In any event, time for me to go buy a different SD card.
    06-13-2013 02:40 PM

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