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    Does anyone know how to setup a distribution list in Handcent? I have a couple of different small groups of recipients that I need to send a text to occasionally. Is there a way to setup a distribution list, put a title on it, and then when I compose a message, I can click on the title and it will input all the recipients phone numbers?
    07-19-2013 02:19 PM
  2. dlfreeland3665's Avatar
    Nevermind - I think I figured it out:

    1) Create a group in the phone's native contacts app (ie. outside of the Handcent app)
    2) Enter Handcent SMS, click on the upper right corner of the page where you can generate a new text
    3) In the "To" field, over on the right is a plus (+) sign. Press it.
    4) There should be a window that shows with 3 tabs at the top, "Contact", "Group", and "Recent". Touch Group.
    5) Select the checkbox next to the Group you setup in step 1 above. (May have to scroll down to see the group.)
    6) Back out of the window, taking you back to the Handcent compose text message view.
    You should see the "To" field populated with the phone numbers of the recipients listed in the group you setup in step 1

    This is how I got it to work; can't guarantee it'll work for everyone..... :-/
    07-19-2013 03:31 PM

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