1. ansa82's Avatar
    I see a message on the general forum that some note 2's have been getting an update. Has anyone heard about this?

    sent from my Galaxy Note 2
    07-23-2013 10:11 AM
  2. sardar615's Avatar
    Just checked my phone, and my software is up to date. and I have not updated since sometime in late may or early June.
    07-23-2013 12:31 PM
  3. anon(394005)'s Avatar
    Referring to this thread? http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...re-update.html

    Looks like it's an incremental 4.1.2 update for the International Note 2 (Model N71xx).
    Sharondippity likes this.
    07-23-2013 12:42 PM
  4. ansa82's Avatar
    Yep that's the thread. Thanks!

    sent from my Galaxy Note 2
    07-23-2013 08:26 PM

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