1. jhbalaji's Avatar
    I am not a Verizon Customer but I am getting a deal for Verizon note 2 on eBay which I am planning to get to use in Asia only, more in India and Singapore!
    I saw a lot of threads but more or less they made unclear for me!

    Can someone confirm me whether with Verizon Galaxy note 2,, I will be able to use the phone in India/Singapore!
    I am okay with 3G Data but I need Text/Voice and all other features functioning. I heard that VZW 4.1.2 update with I605VRAMC3 has fixed the APN Issue and all others!
    Also do i need a VZW Sim Card to use this phone in Asia anytime to get it functioned since I don't own any Verizon Sim Cards?
    08-06-2013 12:33 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I got up to H+ on Tmobile with my Verizon Note 2. So I suspect you will be ok. You MAY have to edit APN settings to get it fully working.
    08-13-2013 10:19 AM

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